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CBIZ is a professional service company that provides a comprehensive range of business services, products and solutions to its clients. The company is one of the leading service providers in the United States. It has greatly diversified its services to include among other areas; accounting, employees Benefits and Medical management Practice. The company currently operates both in the U.S and Canada and trades its stocks in the New York stock Exchange Market.

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According to CBIZ, the structure of Company has largely been determined by the combination of its geographical areas of operation and the major services that it provides to its customers. The company majorly operates in two Geographical regions: the United States and some parts of Canada. Within the U.S. the company has more than 200 company offices in 33 states while in Canada the company has majorly focused on the District of Columbia and Toronto, Ontario. In U.S the company targets markets such as Atlanta, Denver, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City and the Washington D.C. area.

In these two major geographical areas, the Company’s overall number of customers is about 90,000. This number consists majorly of the small and medium sized business. The rest are the government agencies, individuals and non-profit organizations. The company has more than 140 officers which are spread all over the U.S. and more than 5,000 associates in major metropolitan areas and the suburban areas throughout the United States. The company operates more than 35 offices states within America.

Within the two countries, CBIZ has organized itself into business areas/segments which have since acted as its principle divisions. The segments include: financial services, Medical Management Professionals, Employees Services and National Practices. Besides these major divisions the firm has also sought to expand in its services by coming into an association with Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C (MHM) which is a national CPA firm through which it provides its auditing services.  

The company’s financial Services segment is further divided into two categories. First is the Financial Services Division. The division represents the various accounting units spread geographically all over the United States. Second is the National Service Division. This consists of those units that provide other services nationwide. Overall, this segment provides services such as accounting, tax, financial, valuation, and litigation support to its clients.

The company’s employee services are organized between retail and national services. The retail offices majorly provide their services within their local geographical areas. The segment’s National Group consists of several special operations providing unique services throughout the nation. The Employee Service segment is mandated to maintain the relationship between the company and different insurance carriers. The specific services offered by this segment include: group health, property and casualty, retirement planning, life insurance, compensation, consulting and other services.

The company’s Medical Management Professionals provides all the billing and coding services. It also provides various services to hospital based physicians especially those who practice in areas like radiology. The specific services offered by Medical Management Professionals include: coding and billing, accountants receivable management, and full practice management services.

National Practices group is further divided into three categories. The first category consists of the technological experts. It is majorly involved in the management of networking and provision of hardware services.

The Organizational Chart

The information on the CBIZ’s organizational chart is not available. However, on top of the management of CBIZ is the organization’s Board of Director whose is then followed by the Chief Executive Officer also known as the Chairman. The membership of the organization Board of Directors comprises of both the employees and non-employees. The company has 11 members Board of Directors out of which six are non-employees. Steven L. Gerard is both the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman CBIZ.

Apart from the members of the Board of Director and the chairmanship, other key positions to the company include: the President Financial Services, President Employees Services, President MMP, Senior VP Strategic Initiatives, Senior VP Chief Technology Officer, Senior VP of Marketing, Senior VP Human Resources, Treasurer and finally the Controller. The company also has committees such as the Management Executive Committee, Audit Committee, Nominating and Governance Committee and the Compensation committee. The committees are then followed by the other staff members from all the segments of the company.


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