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Work based learning is a component of a learning program that does have a theory application in an authentic and work based context. The work base learning does focus on the specific competencies that have been indentifies for the purpose of acquiring the respective qualifications. Such qualifications are related to the skills development that are able to ensure that the learner employable. In addition, such acquired skill will enable the learner to develop his or her skills personally. In a work base learning, the employer and the respective professional bodies are the ones responsible for assessment of the experiential learning subjected to the particular scholars.

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In addition, this is learning when somebody is working or employed by a specific institution and it’s a kind of learning that is based on the individual’s career need as well as the employer targets. Work based learning has the ability to lead to the on a national scale recognized prerequisites. The application of instructional programs that are deliberately set to enable student learning in the work place is work base learning. The programs that are applied are formal and well structured, they are organized strategically by the responsible trainers and employers and other role playing parties to ensure that their exist a link between the work place learning and college based learning. The work base learning is stronger on one end due to the fact that the applied formal instructional plans have a direct connection between the workplace learning activities to the respective career goals. In most instances the experiences of work based learning are college credit generating.

Work based learning is associated with;

  • Specialization; this is because it helps one to become a specialist in a subject area
  • Connection creation in that it enables the creation of the ability to work in a team through various skills such as negotiation and presentation as well as networking skills acquired.
  • It results to a generalist; an individual with general knowledge which encompasses the ability to use information technology, written communications and basic business knowledge.
  • Id addition, it results to the creation of self reliant employees which have the ability to manage career and personal growth and development.


As I developed this research report, I used raw data gathered from primary and secondary sources in analysis. The primary data was gathered through the administration of the questionnaires and interview to the 15 employees in each of five institutions selected for this research study. The question was to say whether college based learning was better approach to skills and expertise training as opposed to work based learning or vise versa. This enabled the covering of a wider scope to gain more ideas and perspective on the issues which was critical for the precision of findings after this research. In addition, some materials were gathered from prior research conducted by other researchers on the same issue. Some of these secondary sources did prove to be very conclusive and offered a lot of factual data. Based on the issue under investigation, the methodologies adopted here were the most appropriate. This is because they made it possible to have concise results from the research study. In addition, these methods are easy to administer and are understood by all the targeted respondents as opposed to complex methods that would take an employee’s time in the administration and analyzing of data. The constraints that were encountered included;

  • Poor respondent’s responsiveness to our approach on the need for them to give us responses voluntarily
  • Lack of sufficient financing
  • The exercise was time consuming thus it was hectic to gather responses from as many respondents as possible within the timeframe
  • The exercise itself was challenging

The methods which were adopted here were very good. This is because they enabled us to gather enough data towards the interpretation and concise findings. The methodologies also did give room for various answers and chance to express individual ideas on the issues under investigation. The KOL recommended project process was widely applied in the search of alternative courses of action.


Form the investigation data gathering process, this research study was able to acquire data materials that enabled the analysis to be carried out successfully. It was found that work based learning was more efficient in the process of developing expertise and skills as opposed to college based learning experience.

From the above table it can be deduced that majority of employee preferred work based approaches to learning against the college based approach except in institution 5 where majority; 10 respondents out of 15 in that institution preferred college approach. This was supported by the argument that it does give enough room for one to do better and gain more practical knowledge as opposed to a case of work based approach where a scholar had to ensure their a balance between work and learning.

Series 3: College Based as a Better Approach to Learning (Number of Employees as percentages)

Series 2: Work Based as a Better Approach to Learning (Number of Employees as percentages)

In summary it can be clearly seen that the work Based worn as a Better Approach to Learning as opposed to the College Based as a Better Approach to Learning. This is because the graphical representation as well as the tabulations of data and figures and their interpretation into information has made it possible to draw such an inference.


I would recommend that the employers and various learning institutions do fully adopt the work based learning as a method of educating their employees. This is due to the fact that it is likely to result to better results for both the employer and the employee. Secondly it shall justify the effectiveness of the trainers in the whole process against the poor whooping grades from the college based learning approaches. The work based approach has been justifies as an approach that is practical and preferred much by the employees and offers room for them to practice what they are actually learning. This has been associated with the nurturing of realistic skills such as the ability to manage ones career and multitasking which benefits the employer and his employee.

I further recommend that any future researcher to undertake a research on the results and grades that are as a result of work based learning approaches and the ones due to college learning experiences. In that context, the researcher will be able to justify whether it is true that the work based approach has the ability to give better results like it has with effectiveness against the college based approach grades.


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