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Ethel's  chocolate  lounges  is  named  after Ethel G. Kissack, the late wife to Franklin Clarence Mars (1883-1934) the founder of Mars inc. Ethel's chocolate lounges was established in a bid to  promote chocolate sales  at a time when the chocolate industry  had stagnated . Research  showed  that chocolate sales at up market retail shops had grown by around 20% from the year 2000 to 2004. Taking advantage of these statistics,  Mars inc. decided to set up  luxurious shops targeting the upper and middle class in society. The shops are well designed and furnished to encourage socializing and extended lounging as you enjoy your chocolate.

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Consumer Buying Decisions

Customers who frequent Ethel's chocolate lounge mostly practice limited consumer buying decisions. Limited consumer buying decisions is characterized by;

Ethel's chocolate lounges target the upper and middle class in society. These people have relatively high disposable incomes which enables them to purchase from Ethel's without facing a budget constraint, to them the products and services are considered cheap or fairly expensive.

There is moderate involvement; the customer takes time to read through the descriptive menu, in search of a product, in this case chocolates that best suits him/her. Ethel's menus show icons of the chocolates and proceed to describe it, this entices and prepares customers for what they are about to be served.

Ethel's chocolate lounges is advertised as a social site, its common for people to consider what they see others having. Thus the customers have to make a choice between a few varieties of chocolate.

The customers do not take time before they make a choice since they consider the products and services to be cheap and they are relatively informed about the product. Thus they are quick in making decisions.

Choice to indulge at Ethel's

People chose to indulge at Ethel's due to its superior quality observed in its products and with its service. Ethel's chocolate lounges observe high quality standards; this has gone long ways in ensuring customers are pleased and facilitating repeat business. Satisfied customers recommend it to friends via blogs, reviews and on social sites. Their recommendation has led to more and more people choosing to indulge at Ethel's chocolate lounges.

Ethel's chocolate lounges are advertised as a place of chocolate and chitchat. It boasts of well furnished luxurious shops which encourage lounging and socializing. This coupled with its superior quality standards makes it the preferred location for people to catch up and lounge after a long day.

Chocolate has always been a choice gift. Friends will exchange chocolates as a sign of affection for each other. Chocolate has also been as treats, thanking people for good deeds done. The sentimental value of chocolate as a gift has brought people to Ethel's. The world-class repute of Ethel's chocolates has made it the preferred location to buy gift chocolates.

There is a new trend, where people prefer to sit and chat over chocolate instead of coffee. The new trend has appealed to trend savvy consumers who enjoy trying new things, as well as the sweet toothed customers. The new trend has led to more people choosing to indulge at Ethel's chocolate lounges.

Some people choose to visit Ethel's chocolate lounge because they want to be linked to the luxury associated with Ethel's chocolate lounges. They attribute progress in life to an experience at Ethel's chocolate lounges.

Factors that influence a customer to spend time and money at Ethel's

Ethel's luxurious internal decorations and furniture soothes customers. The well stuffed seats and immaculate interior décor creates a relaxed mood which encourages people to spend more time at Ethel's chocolate lounges

Ethel's quality service, their delicious servings entice customers to consume more. Their variety of tasty servings encourages customers to try different varieties. In the process the customers spend more money. The use of icons and beautiful display of the products available on the menu and display rack tempts people to consume more.

Ethel's chocolate lounges are advertised as places for chocolate and chitchat. Its promotion as a social place has encouraged people to meet here and socialize. People tend to stay here for extended durations socializing with friends, during this period they order several servings. Thus promoting Ethel's chocolate lounges as a social place has increased the time and money consumers spend at Ethel's.

Ethel's superior quality standards; in both service and servings is the most compelling factor that encourages customers to spend more time and money at Ethel's. Providing quality service has ensured repeat business it has also brought new customers who have been referred here by friends. The tasty products Ethel's has to offer encourages customers to spend more, its quality service creates a relaxed mood which encourages the customers to spend more time here.

Ethel's  chocolate  lounge  appeals  the  American  value  of  success  most . The  American  society  values  success  and  its common  belief  that  those  who  become  successful  should  be  rewarded  with  money ,  status  and  prestige. Customers who frequent Ethel's chocolate lounges visit because they associate their success to the experience at Ethel's. They visit because they believe that with their progress in life they should be able to 'spoil' themselves with the finer things in life.

Holding all inter factors that affect Ethel's chocolate lounges constant, Ethel's chocolate lounges would have succeeded. The organization, strategy and strict quality standards employed by Mars inc. saw many new outlets opened all over America. Mars Inc. managed to 'breathe new life into chocolate' before the recession hit.


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