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The role of advertising cannot be overemphasized in the marketing goods and services. In fact, advertisement is regarded as a tool that allows the attainment of marketing goals in business and its use is a prerequisite for success ( Trehan & Trehan, 2009). Increasingly businesses are employing different media to advertise their products or services. The manufacturers of Proactivr are one of the producers, who utilize both the internet and television to market their product which is used to cure acne an inflammatory disease. The marketing of Proactivr is done by Guthy-Renker which is a direct marketing firm that utilizes both the web and TV to reach out to potential buyers.

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One of the effective ads made to advertise Proactiver is found in the web and appears to have utilized various elements of design to create a sensational ad. The ad has a black background which creates a sense of elegance and seduction to the audience. In addition, the graphic used as well as the text are both captivating and effective for getting the attention of the audiences. The orange color used also creates a sense of warmth and vibrancy which creates more appeal to the product. Evidently, this is an effective ad to market a product like Proactiver for the cure of Acne. But which of the two is the effective mode of advertising? Is it the internet or television?

The internet has grown to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. With internet ads, one can target a specific group of people using specific demographic information (Reynolds & Stairs 2011). According to Reynolds and Stair (2011), the amount of spending on internet marketing is currently estimated to be $23 billion per year and $ 29 billion per year for TV. Despite these figure, the internet is increasingly being used for advertisement given its flexibility and cost effectiveness. The internet platform offers a cheap way to advertise for products and service given the little cost involved in building website or even advertising in a website which commands good traffic. The above statistics confirms the cost effective of the internet ads.


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