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Online reviews posted by consumers affect the buying trends of other customers: A research carried out by reveals that reviews posted online by customers about products offered for online shopping have great influence on demand of the products by other potential consumers. This is because these reviews form part readily available information about the products. These reviews provide consumers with important information about experience goods thereby incredibly increasing the reputation on the products. Similarly, the reviews may also complement or substitute already existing information sources. The information is costless to use. In most cases, consumers often make purchasing decisions based on this information. Consumers, thus respond more strong on reviews by similar users of the product. Online sites also offer consumers with ability to rate the products that they have used.  Usually, new buyers will go for highly rated products because they presume that high ratings signal high quality of products, and hence believe that such products would satisfy their needs.

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  1. First-encounter impressions impact the effectiveness of future repeated purchases: A consumer’s first encounter with a particular good has great effect on future repeated purchases. This first encounter affects the buyers perspectives as it conforms to the buyer that the goods he has consumed or purchased has really met his expectations, and offers him full satisfaction. The impressions are important because they are the initial ideas that a person forms about the goods. The first impression is a lasting impression and will determine whether the customer will come back again or not.
  2. Impressive online expression of goods ignites initial purchases: Internet selling of goods requires an elaborate presentation of goods. If the goods are not presented in a manner that is appealing to the potential buyers, they may be not lured to buy. Good presentations attract customers just as on print media. A good presentation may include moving graphics and pictures. Refined images of the goods may be uploaded as pop-ins adverts on others websites and links provided to the main site. Short product reviews may as well be included to give consumers a grasp of the features of the products.  it is evident that customers will only buy goods that they are familiar with and fully understand their brands.

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