Free RIM Blackberry Market Segmentation Essay Sample

One of the major improvements in RIM Blackberry is the update of the playbook 2.0 software that has been anticipated for a long time. The update was due to the fact that the company wants the Smartphone to support Android applications. This was a necessary move by RIM; the addition of the software makes the 7-inch tablet look more appealing and attractive to the customers, this update was free to all users of Blackberry. This move was the RIM marketing mix whereby it ensured that the consumer’s products are advanced to the changing technology and the competitive world. Offering the software for free enhances the distribution of the blackberry product at ease (Chris 10).

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RIM blackberry market segmentation is composed of two major segments; corporate and business users and the mass-market consumers. The original customer niche for the RIM blackberry products was the business users. They first introduced the Inter@ctive Pager 900 targeting this group of customers. The product lines in this niche were popularized by the introduction of the email application, which is very useful to the corporate and business people. The company is still depending on this market segment to maintain its market share in the highly competitive market. The mass-market segment targets the common users. The company first invested in this market niche through the BlackBerry 7100, which was first sold in 2004 (Chris 14). The firm is enticing common users into purchasing its products by including fantastic features such as email, tasks and email applications into products that were previously customized for the corporate users. The current products contain other excellent factors such as window servers that are useful to both the corporate and the common users. In order to cover the entire market segmentation, BlackBerry has introduced devices that possess admirable features such as cameras and social media applications that are relevant to the two market segments. 


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