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My long term career goal is to eventually be a marketing director in my own company. However, aware of the tasks that it entails and the required experiences, I hope to first work in a marketing industry as one of the managers after the completion of my BA.  My preferred organizations for this job would be either POSCO Company or Samsung Corporation. I believe that starting my career path as a Brand Assistant in Samsung or one of the managers in the marketing department with POSCO Company will be a good stepping stone in towards the realization of my career dreams. While working in either of these companies, I wish to pursue my MBA with an aim of starting my own company. I am committed to building useful networks during my time in either of these organizations and in school.

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POSCO, also known as Pohang Iron and Steel Company is based in Pohang South Korea. It is the World’s third-largest steel maker. The industry is currently operating a joint venture with U.S Steel (USS-POSCO) that is located in Pittsburg, California. Samsung on the other hand is a Multinational Corporation with its headquarter in Samsung Town. It incorporates international based businesses like Samsung Electronics and Samsung Heavy Industries. (Besanko et al, 2010). Being international Companies, I believe these companies will present me with the challenges which will enable me to gain relevant experience for the management of my own marketing Industry. Their nature will also enable me to build the necessary networks with like minded individuals and companies which will be very useful as I launch into my own company.

How marketing Industry Works

Marketing is majorly concerned with identifying consumer demand of a specific product or service. Once this is done the marketers are then involved in developing ways in which consumers can purchase the products in the most favorable amounts to make one’s company profitable. Marketing majorly involve duties such as market research and distribution. Marketers are also involved in designing their company’s products as well as setting their prices. Marketers also strategize on how to promote their products to give their companies a competitive advantage over their competitors. Developing new products and designing the packaging for either of these companies as I seek to ensure that its products stand apart from its competitions will provide a great fulfillment to me

The autonomy and the prestige associated with marketing are factors that make it stand out for me. Working in such big and most recognizable brands such as Samsung will be a boost to my career and will certainly open more opportunities for me as I look forward to start my own company. Generally, one of the beauties of the marketing career is the numerous opportunities that it presents for one to specialize in his/her area of interest. The available areas of specialization range from market research to direct marketing. One can also diversify into other related disciplines such as public relations advertising (Zwick & Cayla, 2011).

Career Path in Marketing

Marketing career has a well defined career path which enables on to move up the ladder to the position of the Marketing Director. Those entering the career for the first time will most likely start their career as Marketing Executives which in today’s world may be known as Product Manager, Assistant Brand Manager or a Market Researcher in most industries. In Samsung it is called Brand Assistant while in POSCO one generally joins as one of the managers based one his/her qualifications. From these positions, one may then move up the career ladder through the position of Senior Marketing Executives, to that of the Marketing Managers and finally the Marketing Director. Marketing industries currently employs one million workers every year all over the world. Through my research on these companies, I have also noted that though the marketing career is very attractive, one must be ready to work extra hard even dedicating his extra time to the job, which I am very much willing to do (Zwick & Cayla, 2011).

Salary issues in marketing career.

Because marketing involves people undertaking different important tasks and responsibilities, the amount of salary one earns is determined by his/her level of influence in the activities he/she is involved in. It may also depend on one’s level of experience, the place/country where the industry is located, the size of the company, and sometimes one’s gender. The product managers in most cases earns between $38,000 and $58,000 depending on the sector in which one works. The Marketing Directors can earn even up to $150,000 or even more depending on the size of the organization.

Qualification for a marketing job

The entry level qualifications in marketing vary from company to company. However, most of the companies require candidates with Higher National Diploma or degree. While some employers will accept people from any degree discipline, most of the companies require business studies or marketing subjects. Still industrial-based companies may prefer science-based degrees. Besides the academic qualifications, most companies also insist on one’s training experience. However, the duration for which one can stay in his/her present job before climbing the career ladder is normally determined by his/her professional qualifications.

Many employers also prefer professional qualifications from such collages as CIM for one to be able to move up the ladder. Some employers also consider once experience either from his/her initial job position or whether one has volunteered in any relevant position. CIM levels of qualifications consider one’s academic qualifications and experience. It also considers whether on has attended any course offered by such institutions as the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM) and the Communication Advertising and Marketing Education (CAM). In addition to these experiences, employers also consider whether one has good interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills among other relevant skills.

Supervision aspects in marketing jobs

Marketers are usually subjected to constant supervision. The results in direct marketing are always measurable. One’s success and failures can always be traced beck to him or her. This means that whichever position an individual holds in the marketing career, he is held responsible for all his undertakings. Supervision may be carried out by one’s immediate boss, Human Resource Manager or the General Manager. This is not a threat since one of the things that greatly inspire me is evaluating the impact I have always had in whatever I do. Any one in the marketing career is also answerable to the organizations such as the American Marketing Association. The organization currently has 38,000 members from all areas of marketing specialization throughout the world. Information about this organization is available on its web site.


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