Free Tootsie Roll Industries Inc Essay Sample

Tootsie Roll industries Inc is a company that is expanding and set to satisfy the clients needs in a more quality enhanced manner. The company continues to invest capital and resources in some of its main projects and processes that ensures that production and distribution of product facilities is as efficient as possible (Williams, Haka, Bettner & Carcello, (2011). Tootsie wishes to create as efficient as possible channels to distribute its product and improve production process hence it requires this loan; a reinvestment credit. The loan shall be committed to the support of the growing product lines and the distribution patterns that are changing in the vast world of today international market. The distribution channels of their products such and the patterns of their distribution as well as the improvement of the product quality is critical for Tootsie and the acquiring of this loan shall be a big boost to the advancement efforts that the organization is investing into. Due to the technological evolution, Tootsie has continued to enjoy the respective benefits through automation. However, the organization has not yet realized full automation and it does inconvenience some of its respective clients. The reinvestment loan covered in this case does involve the advancement of the automation process that does ensure that the clients are given quality service on top of the high standard products. For instance, in 2007, Tootsie Company took a reinvestment move by embarking on an upgrade of the ERP software that has enabled its automation significantly. The acquiring of this loan will ensure that the respective software’s shall be upgraded and the organization is automated further.

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The reinvestment loan in this case will be used to make respective investment in the company international business based on the fact that it has continued to grow significantly since 2007.Mexico for instance, has had strong sales and higher profits which is a justification of the dire need of the loan. The expansion of the company systems and automation towards meeting of the client’s needs and demands is a practical purpose of this loan application. An expanded Tootsie Roll Inc is what the loan is set to put in place and ensure that its profits continues to surge up due to a better system of availing products to the consumers. Expansion will thus be accompanied by automation as a result of this loan acquisition and success in its application.

Tootsie Roll Inc will be planning to utilize the loan proceed by ensuring that the company is able to expand its operations and market structure as well as the provision of goods and services to the comfort of the consumers. In addition, the automation process will be fully financed by the proceeds of the loan for the Tootsie Roll Inc growth and development.

An approval; of this loan will affect the company positively. It will be a financial step that the organization so much desire towards the financing of it efforts and goals in advancement and automation efforts. An approval for this loan will be a big boost to the organizational development and enhancement of its tools and assets of business. This approval will be positive to the organization and impacting in making stiff strides on the avenues of growth. It is through this approval that the loan will be available to the organization for accomplishment of respective goals and objectives of expansion. As far as Tootsie Roll Inc is concerned, the loan approval will have to be celebrated because it will be a big boost to the organization long waited efforts towards organizational growth and development of both the production process and distribution systems of the organizational products. The approval of this loan shall be a positive element to the organization expansion in production and distribution systems.


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