Free Benchmarking Data for Nursing Productivity Essay Sample

Benchmarking is the idea of looking at the best there is in the firms in regard to the methods they put into use and compare that with ones practices. This is done in the perspective of products made, period with which the goods have been produced and the costs incurred. In this article, we are basically going to look at the sources that possibly the nursing fraternity can borrow from in a bid to improve their productivity. This is in an attempt to give the best services to their patients (Joanne & Helen, 2001).

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The best source is likely to be in the banking sector. Just like it is important to observe time in the banking sector, it is equally important to do that in nursing. In most cases the newly employed nurses find it very difficult to manage time affecting their productivity. This profession is very demanding and requires one to have as much patience as possible alongside being time conscious to deliver the best (Joanne & Helen, 2001). In all that there is to improve productivity, the most outstanding of all and need to be improved is being familiar with ethics that abide with management of time in the nursing profession. When this is put in practice, productivity definitely improves tremendously. This can happen if time spent on issues that do not involve nursing are dealt with accordingly these are such activities as cleaning of patient materials, transporting of the sick among others. These are eating into the time that could otherwise be spent with the sick (Patricia, 2009).

Putting all the activities written somewhere is equally a virtue that should be put into practice. This is one of the professions where issues happen so quickly that, it is not possible to recall everything. Trusting ones head to remember everything is expecting too much to say the least. The head can be good when adding numbers and coming up with reasonable solutions but in an environment where issue are transiting so quickly it becomes hard for one to recall anything (Patricia, 2009). With this in mind, it is advisable to write the events every time they happen. This will ensure nothing is forgotten eventually improving productivity. When may be the nurses are visiting the patients they make requests, given that they are a number of them in different wards with different needs it becomes practically impossible to recall everything unless noted down. This is the same thing happening in the banking sector where there are so many clients served in a day. If this happens in all hospitals worldwide the output would be very productive (Joanne & Helen, 2001).

Just like in the banking sector, prioritizing is very important in nursing. This is one of the careers that demands one to put issues in the order of priority. A nurse, just like a banker, needs to note things that come first in his day's activities. This can only happen if done quite often. The nurse should start with the small activities as he proceeds like that to the complex ones. In most cases, nurses work under very tight schedules and this demands for prioritizing of activities so that one starts with the most vital and complex to the less important activities (Joanne & Helen, 2001). This will with time improve on the productivity and ensure only but the best to the patients.


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