Free Nursing in the Work Settings Essay Sample

Introduction to nursing:

Nursing needs appropriate interventions of disease to cure the diseased. Professionalism is the first priority of a professional. Conversely, nursing profession demands empathy and sympathy as well. Certainly it is hard to maintain professionalism and be compassionate together. But, the best nurses always maintain professionalism and compassions at the same time. Therefore, he/she is one of the promising and perfect professional in the field of nursing who maintains both traits with its great edges.

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Nursing theory:

Nursing theory is study and practice of humanitarianism and care of the creature. Therefore, caring science is about the care of human kind according to their psychological behavior and to treat them in their poor health. The wider vision of nursing science is to take care of human-beings from individual level, to others, to community, to world, to planet, earth, and to the universe.

Hereinafter, developing yourself to the precise definition of nursing theory, give you extra authority to deal with your professional endeavors. Moreover, it is fact that every single nursing professional needs to have humanism with professional to get the appropriate results of his/her professional goals.  

Nursing Philosophy:

Nursing philosophy is based on humanity, moral decency and professional perfection. It would be great to quote a prominent and well established nurse Dr. Jean Watson, she said about nursing philosophy that "I emphasize that it is possible to read, study, learn about, even teach and research the caring theory; however, to truly "get it," one has to personally experience it; thus the model is both an invitation and an opportunity to interact with the ideas, experiment with and grow within the philosophy, and living it out in one's personal/professional life."

A philosophical view point given by a very prominent and well established nurse is the key to success. Moreover, implementation of the said philosophy will definitely put you on the edge of professionalism.

Home heath nursing of an 80-year-old man:

This assignment is going to examine the nursing scenario with an 80-year-old man who now requires home oxygen due to an exacerbation of COPD and with type II diabetes and severe arthritis.

Nursing other than hospital, health center or consulting room is quite harder professionally. A nurse needs a good proportion of professional hunch to give best with less available resources. And it is literally harder when the patient is in more critical situation and in older age with low self-control. In this case you have to be more careful and compassionate.

Questions to the client for exacerbation of COPD:

Exacerbation of COPD would become life taking disease. Therefore, it is better to

properly examine the patient to diagnose the level of disease and determine the cure plan. The questions to the client for exacerbation of COPD are as under:  

1.      How long you have exacerbation of COPD?

2.      Howe frequent and tough exacerbation of COPD is?

3.      Would you feel breathless when exacerbate?

4.      Do you feel that your heat beat is more frequent when you exacerbate?

5.      Do you feel end of life when exacerbate?

These symptoms are most severe one that needs extra care, and it is good to admit the patient to the hospital (National Heat Lung and Blood Institute, N.d).

Questions to the client for type II diabetes:

As diabetes is one of the killing diseases. Therefore, a sufficient control is must to reduce the danger outcomes. The questions to client for type II diabetes are as under:

1.      How long you have type II diabetes?

2.      What is your daily diet?

3.      How much you exercise?

4.      How you control your diabetes?

In diabetes the body does not produce insulin or produce very lesser. Diabetes is a no ignorable disease and there is no complete cure for this disease has been invented. However, control is possible (American Diabetes Association, N.d).

Questions to the client for arthritis:

Another very chronic disease arthritis is so critical to deal with. It damages the joints and the body. The patient in this disease face very critical situation with his/her body and it could end in disability.   

1.      Would you feel hard to move or bend your joints?

2.      Would you have frequent fever and laziness?

3.      Would you feel any disability?

It is very hard to adjust with arthritis. But, a constant effort of taking care of your body

and joints can reduce the pain. It is hard but is the only solution of arthritis (Artthritis Care, N.d).

What are your nursing diagnoses?

After asking the questions I have my nursing diagnoses. I have asked the two last

questions to the patient. Do you have strength to fight with these diseases? Do you feel

end of life? I have noticed during the discussion process that client is greatly suffering from each three diseases he have. His mental and physical response have given me an impression that there was no caretaker before. Moreover, I have noticed a great pain and pathetic postures during the discussion process.

What outcome objectives do you hope to achieve through intervention? 

First of all the patient needs extra care, treatment to reduce the pain and to build base of cure. The theory and philosophy of nursing both at the same time applied in this case to achieve some fruitful outcomes. Therefore, the wired conditions in nursing need good dealing and excellent treatment techniques to make the situation normal first. Afterward, the scientific method and curing treatment would release the extra level of disease. I definitely apply these steps to achieve the best outcomes and objectives.

What secondary prevention measures will you employ in relation to your diagnoses? Why?

The secondary prevention measures would be curative than to releasing. A patient with that many diseases needs extra care and curative treatment, medicines to get well being. And that is only possible by applying the true professional and scientific nursing methods. This measure will prevent, reduce and cure the problems patient has. And, that is because multi disease patients need intensive care.  

What primary preventive measures might have prevented the occurrence of these problems?

The primary preventive measures that can prevent the occurrence of these problems are proper caring and appropriate treatment. For a nurse it is hard to deal with the condition given in this case. However, the excellence of your nursing professional ability cannot be measured without appropriate dealing with the problems given in this case. Therefore, the theory and the philosophy of nursing together can resolve the problems.    

How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions?

A scientific outcomes and humanistic observation would tell the effectiveness of the interventions. Patient's behavior and body language will eventually change after interventions taken by me. If it is positive then the effectiveness is one hundred percent, and if it is negative or partly positive then the effectiveness would be accordingly. Therefore, effectiveness depends employment of your nursing theory and philosophy.


At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis, nursing needs appropriate interventions of disease to cure the diseased. These interventions are based on both the theory of nursing and the philosophy of nursing. Therefore, a nurse should have both of them to be successful in his/her professionalism.


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