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Question 4

The described scenario reveals that the nurses have three problems namely, poor teamwork, lack of trust, and a negative attitude towards work. These problems can be addressed as follows. Teamwork refers to “a joint action by a group of people, in which each member subordinates his or her individual interest and opinions to the unity of, and efficiency of the group”. Effective teamwork can be achieved if all team members synchronize their contributions and focus on a common goal. The first step in enhancing effective teamwork among the nurses will involve setting a clear and specific performance objective. A common objective will provide a basis for working as a team. A structure for achieving the objective will be developed in collaboration with the team members.

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The competence of each team member will be assessed to ensure that everyone is able to play his or her role within the team. In order to enhance commitment among the team members, the nurses will be encouraged to direct their efforts towards achieving the team’s performance objective. Attempts to prioritize personal goals will be identified and addressed immediately. By developing a collaborative climate of trust that is based on honesty, openness, respect, and support, the team’s cooperation and performance will increase. Finally, it will be important to support and encourage the nurses by recognizing their achievements as a team. Improving communication among the nurses will also help them to work better as a team.

Trust can be described as a mechanism that is socially generated, and is responsible for the coordination of every action that is executed by a team. Formation of trust begins with the group’s assurance that they can achieve the expected goal. Trust can develop if team members are compatible. This calls for promoting close work relationships among the nurses. Trust will also develop if the nurses are friendly and comfortable with each other. This can be achieved by engaging the nurses in informal social activities such as sports which will enable them to develop the rapport that is essential to function as a team.

The first move in dealing with the nurses’ attitude will involve demonstrating how their behavior is impacting their work. The next step will be to appraise the performance of every nurse with the aim of training them to improve. The issue of negative attitude towards work and its effect on performance will be raised during the appraisal. It will be important to agree on a goal to be achieved by each nurse, and how their performance will be evaluated in regard to improving their attitude towards work (Nooteboom, 2002, p. 56). Feedback from stockholders such as clients will help in assessing the nurses’ commitment to improve their attitudes.

Question 5

Self awareness is “having a clear perception of your personality, strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, and emotions”. Self awareness enables an individual to understand others, how he is perceived by others, and how he responds to others. Self awareness is an element of emotional intelligence, and a key determinant of success. Developing self awareness has enabled me to change the thoughts and interpretations of my mind. These changes give me the opportunity to control my emotions. Understanding my thoughts and behavior patterns helps me to understand the actions of fellow nurses. Consequently, I have improved the quality of my professional relationships at the workplace. For example, I usually try to understand the needs of the clients or patients from their perspective.  I then try to work with other nurses to address the needs of the patient since better treatment outcomes can be achieved through teamwork.  

Self regulation refers to the capacity to control disruptive impulses, as well as, unpleasant moods. Self regulation is the element of emotional intelligence which enables an individual to overcome the side effects of his or her feelings. This is achieved by finding appropriate ways of controlling emotional impulses or bad moods. Self regulation helps me to win the trust of fellow nurses and to exercise fairness at the workplace. I have been able to make rational decisions by avoiding acting under the influence of emotions or bad moods. Self regulation guides my behavior, especially, when dealing with an ethical dilemma. Self regulation helps me to develop personal values which form the basis of my behavior in all situations. The personal values help me to make the right decisions on what action to take in order to solve the client’s medical problem. For example, my commitment to provide excellent care to the clients is based on my belief in saving all lives irrespective of the client’s socio-economic background. 


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