Free Prevention of Teen Pregnancy among Minorities Essay Sample

Teen pregnancy tends to be a recurring phenomenon in a particular generation, this call for measures to be taken especially where such a trend has been observed. A teenager is considered to be a child that is yet to mature, when they are faced with the responsibility of taking care of another child, it becomes a bit challenging. Due to the nature of their lifestyles and the fact that they are not economically and psychologically prepared to take care of a child, the children grow up missing some vital counsel. It also happens that such teenagers missed some vital information about their reproductive health, which ultimately made them to fall victims (Fogel & Woods, 2008). By being teenage mothers, it does not necessarily mean that they have gained such information. Most of them may not have a chance to obtain reproductive health and hence bringing up their children in similar ignorance they were brought up.

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            A parent will pass on only the information they know to their subsequent generation. If they never had the privilege of learning about reproductive health, they may have nothing to pass on to their daughters who are likely to make similar mistakes. Even though such children may have the privilege to go to school, they may not be provided with the advice that they need. Considering their parental backgrounds, their parents may not be able to provide for their educational and other personal needs (Fogel & Woods, 2008). In desperation to have what other children have, they may be easily swayed into other antisocial behaviors such as sex, which may ultimately result into teenage pregnancy. Apart from providing them with the knowledge and counsel they need, girls from such backgrounds need to be supplied with other personal neccesities. Confidence also need to be instilled in them which will enable them face their challenges with courage.


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