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Purposes:The main purpose of the research would be to prove the above thesis through group and individual sessions. Some people question the authority of political satire, and they think that it is today more equivalent to comedy than literature. However, as fewer people read news articles and long revealing studies, it is our opinion that the message can get across faster and more effectively through humor and graphics. Using the magnification, contrast and humor as a tool, an emotional effect can be created. A country’s or a party’s reputation can be highly influenced by political satire, and although the style has been around for centuries, it has still not lost from its power.

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Background: Political satire is present in every country. Although there are some restrictions in non -democratic countries regarding publishing, there are many channels the message can get across. The Internet provides endless publication opportunities, and recently even political parties use this form to criticize the opponent. Although there has been loads of research created regarding the styles, methods and formats of political satire, very little has been done to measure its effects on emotions and political ideology. Through our research, we are going to measure the effectiveness of political satire and its opinion-forming power. As there are many international and national issues the public has to form an opinion on, political satire is a great format for newspapers and online magazines to create awareness.

Scope:  I will create a research group and – during different sessions – I am going to provide them with information about different political issues, scandals or cases. One part of the group will need to form an opinion based on a newspaper article, while the other group will be shown a political satire or caricature to form opinion. Evening political comedy show perception has already been measured, however, these studies were concluded to measure the entertainment value of different programs.


Theoretical framework: I am going to grade the political satire materials based on the level of irony, humor and clarity prior to submitting it for review to the members of the group. This way the perception and emotional effects can be measured against these factors. Many studies have already demonstrated the level of influence of political entertainment and individual-level socio-political attitudes, however, there was little research completed regarding the written and graphical methods. The main scope of research so far has been prime time television.


Method:The members of the group will consist of college students; equal number of male and female, who attend the same college. They would be from a similar background, and the total number of sessions will be five. During these sessions a part of the group will only have to review newspaper articles and write down their opinion, while the other group is going to base their views on political satire, solely. Out of the five sessions, three is going to cover a well-known political issue, while two are going to be based on a foreign affair, participants would not have heard of. The age group of participants will be 17-25.

Timetable: The research would take seven weeks alltogether. The first week would be spent on researching available topics and materials, grading them and creating reflection questionnaires. In the following five weeks, one session a week would take place. In the seventh week, I would analyze results and draw conclusions based on the initial thesis.

Limitations:The research will have limitations, as there will be only one homogenic group examined, with the same level of education and background. It will only cover college students' perception of political satire, therefore, there is no way it can be used for comparing different groups.

Delimitations:I will choose not to examine different groups, and the only method of comparison used will be based on sex, the type of material and the topic.

            Further information on the research

            As many researchers have already proven the thesis that prime-time political entertainment television has an influence on opinions and perceptions, the processes and mechanisms of influence have not been clearly identified. In the previous study, we have identified many factors that can have an influential effect, such as exarragation, sympathy, creating gap between reality and image, as well as simplification. The research will provide a psychological framework and process map regarding how these effects influence

  1. political opinion
  2. perception levels
  3. understanding
  4. involvment

            We will further examine the difference in the level of perception between caricatures and written satirical materials, to measure the level of understanding and opinon-forming effects. Simplicity will also serve as a measurement, to allow us to determine the “ideal political satire” that can create an impact and serve as an influential tool for politicians and commentators.

Questions the research is looking for an answer for:

Whether political satire creates more interest in individuals through humor?

Is there a connection between the simplicity level and perception?

Do people get more involved after reviewing satire?

Can political satire be determined as a form of entertainment?

Is political satire able to change individuals' political perceptions?


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