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The current president of America, Barack Obama, is one of the most influential and charismatic leaders of our modern age. Having come from a very humble beginning, Barack Obama has become a great leader and admired figure by many. Such qualities were noted for the few years he had been involved in the American politics (Jackson, 2010). For a person to become great, there are a number of traits and leadership skills that are needed. As well, the individual should possess some competent leadership skills, styles and ability to apply some situational concepts and approaches. In this paper we will explain why Obama is such a great leader and also enumerate a number of things he had done to prove that he is such a great figure in our modern world.

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Reasons Why Barack Obama is a Great Leader

The major qualities possessed by the American President, Barack Obama, are dynamic and capable of promoting global understanding and peace. Such kinds of leadership qualities are noted to be very important towards the realization of global hopes. That being the case, it is agreeable that many individuals have been trying to identify themselves with such qualities in order to become successful persons today. Everything Obama does, he always makes sure he is purpose-driven and ready to achieve without letting anything pull him out of his ways (Jackson, 2010). He has always been keen to address everything in the most intelligent manner. The application of the major leadership approaches has seen him becoming a great personality and leader in our current world.

Why do we have to agree that Obama is such a great leader? Looking at his way of reasoning and approach to problems, Obama has always makes sure he is compassionate enough to address anything. As well, he has a very gentleman-approach to problems, he is full of love, forgiveness and hope, something that has kept him moving. He has been keen to address to address everything intelligently, and this has become his main strength. His lessons to our world are very great and can as well help everyone become a great, yet responsible, member of the society (Jackson, 2010).

Obama has achieved very many things in his life, and all can be explained using the four factors determining the success of any leader. These four approaches include personal leadership traits, skills, styles and situational events which make someone successful. One thing Obama has done is campaigning all the way to become the favorite president of the American nation. This is something that requires more than fame and education (Jackson, 2010).

The American people have always been keen to elect the most intelligent person who is capable of steering the country's economic and policies to the next level (Jackson, 2010). That being the case, Obama went ahead to emerge the winner despite the fact that many people thought he might not have made it. While obtaining such a seat was something very hard, Obama was elected so easily such that some individuals would have imagined that it was very simple to do so.

In order to achieve this, Obama applied his abilities and capabilities of a great leader thereby convincing the greatest number of voters to elect him. Beginning with his self-confidence, possession of skills, and the application of the four approach traits, Obama was able to make a decision of entering into politics, and by so doing he promised a new change which has been able to achieve (Jackson, 2010). While the situation also helped him to achieve such kind of success, it is also agreeable that his qualities as a great leader played the greatest role towards the same (Gill, 2010).

For very many years, the country's Medicaid and Medicare Programs had been seen by many as the final solution to the problems faced regarding health care in the country. However, it had been noted that most of the people had not been covered by such programs. The best thing was to come up with a new plan to make sure many people had been covered by a new kind of healthcare policy, and by so doing ensure the greatest has been achieved as a result and make the country health (Gill, 2010).

As such a charismatic and purpose driven leader, Obama has been in a position of bringing a whole new change in the country's healthcare policy (Jackson, 2010). The Healthcare Reform bill was successfully passed because of Obama's leadership strategies. This has been one of the greatest achievements for this nation under the leadership of the current president.

In order to achieve this kind of success, there has been the constant application of the four approaches to leadership. For instance, the major approach traits which he has been applying include intelligence, determination, self-confidence, sociability and integrity (Gill, 2010). Barack Obama is seen by many as an intelligent individual based on his career and the manner in which he faces and addresses challenges. This has helped him achieve very many things in life. As well, the man is always determined in everything he does (Jackson, 2010). Determination is a key principle towards great leadership abilities. Obama is also a man of integrity. Every move he makes is precisely reasoned out to make sure everything happens as anticipated. This quality has made it possible for his to achieve his present position in the global arena.

For a person to become a great leader there is also the need to apply all skills necessary to such a goal. Obama applies his skills in everything he does. Skills range from conceptual, technology and human aspects (Gill, 2010). This leader has been integrating technological skills, human skills and conceptual styles to make sure everything issue has been addressed accordingly and a solution given to it. This has been a major practice towards greatness. His principles and obligations in life have been based on his skills, and at times the need to be assisted (Rost, 2009).

It is also necessary that an individual who is ready to become a leader should be having a specific style of leadership and approach to different situations faced by humanity. In that connection, Barack Obama has always been keen in making sure he has addressed the issues facing man (Jackson, 2010). That being the case, it is a good thing for a great leader to be concerned about issues to do with production and achievement, and also cater for the needs and concerns of the people.

During the entire campaign period and the days thereafter, Obama brought a new kind of hope to people and showed them that everything could be possible if they never gave up their spirits and desire to achieve. This has been seen by many as the greatest achievement in his life (Jackson, 2010). This was also the reason why he was presented with the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. This begins with his leadership styles and ability to influence people positively.

As well, Obama has been concerned about the welfare of humanity around the globe. For instance, Obama has been in the forefront to fight against nuclear weapons and their proliferation. This saw him signing a treaty with Russian president to reduce their levels of nuclear weapons for safety of humanity. Obama has been a fighter against terrorism because of his love for humanity (Gill, 2010). The possession of the above leadership skills therefore makes it possible to fight all the problems affecting a nation and the people in particular. This has made Obama a great personality because he has been helping to change the world and make it a safe place for every individual.

The other important thing about a great leader is being in a position to take possession of the situation and make it a chance to succeed and help others. This is a major approach towards greatness. Obama has always been such kind of a person who makes the greatest use of every situation (Gill, 2010). He has been doing this by embracing relationship behavior with the people around him and also putting every task first. Task behavior has been applied by many people towards realization of greatness and also being in a position to influence others.

Over the past years, Obama has always been making use of every approach to ensure the greatest achievements have been realized (Jackson, 2010). As we know Barack Obama today, it should be agreed that in the future he will be in a position of achieving much more. Despite some negative opinions voiced by some opponents and haters of his policies, Obama is such a great man and an influential personality in our modern world (Rost, 2009). He has managed to achieve greatness at such a young age.

Although many people may argue that Obama is not such a great leader in our current world, the most important thing is to examine what he has been able to achieve in life and then come up with a final decision. He has showed the world that things can be done differently and achieve greatness, solve problems, and make the world better (Simon, 2009). For Obama, the people come first and therefore he makes sure he has collaborated with the relevant individuals to achieve the expected results. This calls for people to embrace his leadership tactics and achieve a similar kind of greatness.


Responsibility is the beginning towards greatness. Obama has always been guided by this principle. He has always made his responsibilities a priority, addresses all issues faced by his people, and also makes sure everything has been done in the right manner possible. His thoughts and opinions are always compassionate, gentle and full of forgiveness (Jackson, 2010). Application of the above habits in his daily life has made it possible for Barack Obama to achieve greatness thus making a leader in our modern world. Now it is the high time when every person learned from Obama and known how the one can achieve similar greatness. After analyzing this personality, we note that every human being should focus mainly on his possibilities, apply the appropriate leadership approaches and solve all problems faced by humanity. Through application of the four approaches for leadership as discussed in the paper, we have been able to understand how one can apply similar traits towards greatness and achieve his goals and dreams in life.


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