Free Domestic Politics and International Relations Essay Sample

Executive summary

The purpose of the study is to identify the major differences between domestic politics and international relations. From basic understanding, politics can be defined as a process through which a group of people make one common decision. In most cases the term is used to describe the behavior exhibited within civil governments.  Domestic politics refer to the politics that are established in a state and not the world (Milner, 1997) while international relations deal with global issues among different nations within the international systems. Basically these relations join several nations together (Markwell, 2006). For instance, we can say that United Nations is an example of international relation because it provides a forum of international co-operation in matters concerning security, development of the economy and international law. The study therefore will aid in understanding the complexity of our world through studying the international world (Markwell, 2006).

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Research objectives.

The following questions are intended to be solved in the study:

1. What is the difference between domestic politics and international relations?

2. How can we understand the complexity of our world through studying international world?

Review of related literature.

What domestic politics entail.

Domestic politics mainly entail social relations especially involving a higher authority in a state and the set regulations of a political unit, clearly stating the methods to be employed in formulation and applications of set policies (Milner, 1997). The politics of a nation greatly determines its economic growth as well as its stability. The political leaders of a state then become the higher authority and become responsible for law making and implementation. Domestic political factors greatly influence international relations thus shaping the international system and are present in all nations (Milner, 1997).

What international relations entail.

International relations are believed to have come up majorly due to global interaction such as trade, politics and ecological concerns for the whole planet after the First World War. It entails the roles of different states, inter-governmental organizations, non-intergovernmental organizations and international non-governmental organization in shaping of the international systems (Markwell, 2006). These relations are influenced by domestic political factors because they are formed by different states making one common organization. International relations are characterized by diplomacy which can be defined as a way of communication and concession between state representatives (Markwell, 2006).

It is therefore evident that there is a great difference between domestic politics and international relations though each affects the other in one way or the other.

Understanding the complexity of our world

Through studying our international world, we get to understand what happened in the past, what is currently happening and anticipate of what to come in the future (Markwell, 2006). For instance, by learning about the American politics, we understand that there has always been a low voter turn-up during general elections in the past and link this to what is happening in the present. Moreover, we get to understand how international relations work, their roles and importance to the whole world (Markwell, 2006).

Research design/methodology

This study will be conducted in order to identify and confirm the difference between domestic politics and international relations and how the two are related. In the proposed research, data collection will be majorly based on library research as secondary information while primary information will be from questionnaires. Supportive interviews from experts would also complement the study. The approach will be mainly qualitative.

Information collected will be analyzed through use of content analysis. Content analysis is the art of describing behavior through asking questions like who, what, where within specific rules so as to reduce biasness. Narrative summary analysis will also be used to give explanations of participant's views to avoid reliance on raw data only.


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