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My fellow Americans I am very pleased to have the strength to write to you as I leave the office of the president. It is with God's grace and your help and support that we have come this far. This is also the juncture to have somebody else to vie for the superior most position in the administrative government of the United States. Citizens as I am now leaving office would like to urge you that you stay calm the way you were when you were under my administration and make sure that we keep the sovereignty of our nation as before.

Citizens we all know that I was voted in as your president by an overwhelming vote because of support and the faith which you had in me so that I could deliver this nation of the United States of America from the past problems and injustices. In addition, you know very well that I had been a hero and a leader since I was young because I was the one behind the defeat of British at New Orleans in 1812.

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Dear citizens, because time has come for me to leave office for another energetic person to also come and lead you, I would like to urge you that you give that person an ample time so that you all can accomplish what your new leader has in store for you. Again, I would like to thank you for prayers that you had for this country when we were going about the worst crisis this country faced back. I am also very happy for what I achieved when I was president and hope that those achievements would never come to a sudden halt because I have left office. I am very sure that you will give my predecessor time to go on with the projects that I have not been able to complete during my tenure and hope that he will complete them within no time. Also, my fellow citizens I would like you to give the leader who is going to lead you an ample time and room for consultations so that all what you want will be achieved within no time and no crisis would be able to occur. 

The effectiveness and permanency of your union as a government is crucial. No alliances, however, severe between the parts can be a sufficient substitute. They must inevitably experience the infractions and disruption that all alliances in all times have come across. Wise of this significant reality, you have improved upon your primary thesis by the implementation of a Constitution of government better premeditated than the previous for a close union and for the effective organization of your ordinary concerns. This administration, the descendants of our own option, uninfluenced and unwed, adopted upon complete examination and established thought, entirely free in its values, in the allocation of its powers, uniting safety with heartiness, and containing within itself a provision for its own modification, has a just assert to your self-assurance and  hold up. Admirations for its power, observance with its laws, agreement in its events, are duties enjoined by the elementary maxims of proper liberation.

The foundation of our political structure is the accurate of the public to build and to modify their constitutions of administration. Nevertheless, the constitution, which at any instant exists until altered by a clear and genuine act of the entire nation, is sacredly obligatory upon all. The very thought of power and the right of the public to set up administration presupposes the responsibility of every person to comply with the well-known administration.

The harmony of administration that comprises you as one nation is also now near to you. It is fairly so, for it is the main prop in building the nations genuine rule, the maintained state of calmness at home, your harmony in a foreign country, of your security, of your success, of that very independence which nation so greatly honor. In this case, it is easy to predict that, from different grounds, and diverse quarters much thoroughness will be taken, many actions employed, to weaken your thoughts on the assurance of this truth, as, this is the position in the nation's political strengthening, in opposition to which inside and outside enemies will be most continuously and aggressively heading for.

My fellow citizens as you all know very well that while you were under my administration we came across major problems but faced the problems head on and came up with the solutions to the problems amicably without any crisis happening. Therefore, as, I leave office I want you to face the problems which you are going to come through very keenly, come up with the solutions to the problems and in the long run you will find this nation prospering to greater heights. The major problems that I really faced during my rule and which were very serious but we were able to solve are as follows:-

Federal Debt

During my second tenure as your president that was in 1835 I managed to lower the federal debt to about $ 33,733.05 which I think was the lowest ever since 1791, but after accomplishing this mission, a major problem occurred which saw a severe depression happening thus increasing the national debt during the first year. This great depression happened between 1837 and 1944. I hope there will be no other crisis like this happening again as I leave under the new leadership.

Spoils System

While I was your president, I managed to implement a theory in which rotation in office was involved so that it could reduce a republican creed that I believed that it could prevent corruption in office. Therefore, as, to strengthen the party my supporters wanted the party members to be given the posts which in the replacement of the federal employees with my strongest party supporters but the effect was not achieved as expected but in turn brought about the impunity in the administration and the many years to come.

Attack and assassination attempt

My fellow Americans, as you all know that I have come a long way, from the day when Richard Lawrence an unemployed house came from hiding and aimed a pistol at me two times but, unfortunately, during both circumstances the pistol misfired. The doctors deemed Richard Lawrence insane in that light I did not press any charges against him this demonstrate the kind of leadership I exhibited to the people of America. I think you also know the case that involved Randolph who struck me and fled but I decided not again press any charges against him. During this time, many people believed that I had been protected by the same providence, which was protecting the young nation of the United States of America, and they continue to use this thing as a national pride, which later led to the American expansion in the 1830s. 

During my tenure, I had in my mind many foreign and domestic policies which I wanted to pursue so that the people of America could live harmoniously and comfortable lives. The policies, which I achieved during my tenure, are as follows:-

Domestic policies

Indians removal

I did facilitate the removal of the Indians from Mississippi since they failed to submit to the governance in place or rather vacate the place. It is not out hate but with absolute love and concern for the American citizens. The Indians had refused to accept the incumbent authority that we had and highly respected. When I took the oath of office, I vowed to uphold the constitution and protect the American citizens and its sovereignty. I personally went to negotiate with the Indians to submit or vacate. It was a way in which they were threatened as well as given an opportunity to be one of us in power. All the tribes who were involved were driven out of the place with total concern to their needs. The transportation was facilitated, and sustenance upon their arrival to the Far East and other destinations. The Indians removal Act was subsequently passed during my time in office.

American System and the Maysville Road Veto

As you also know, very well that when I took office there were very many controversies in congress concerning the American System in economic development policies which in 1824 backed the system of twin pillars, which indeed protected tariffs which helped in Internal improvements. The people of South at first hated this thing as they thought that they were used as a tool to grab the wealth the cotton farmers had but, I supported it on national grounds as this could help in building the country's strength on economic independence.

Again, as you all know that, in 1830, I announced a new policy to veto a bill in aid of the Maysville Road in Kentucky and after signed, many vetoes to follow which radically halted federal internal spending. Through this, I renounced protection, in 1831, and ordered the reduction in tariff rates. Although, radical Southerners opposed it because they thought that it was the cause of their problems I by my authority and disapproved it by telling them that our federal union must be preserved. Dear citizens keep these economic developments as I went through a lot to achieve them.

Nullification Crisis

In response to South Carolina's nullification claim, I vowed to send troops to South Carolina to enforce the laws. I issued a loud, public declaration against the nullifiers, stating that I thought-out well the power to invalidate the law of the United States, implicit by one State, mismatched with the survival of the Union, contradicted specifically by the letter of the Constitution, unlawful by its courage, conflicting with every code on which it was founded, and not ready to give a hand of the grand object for which it was created. South Carolina, I affirmed, stood on the edge of rebellion and disloyalty, and I appealed to the public of the state to reassert their loyalty to that amalgamation for which their relations fought. I also deprived of the right of secession: The Constitution figures out an administration, not an association. To say that whichever State may at delight go their way means that United State of America is not a nation.

Foreign affairs

As you all know my fellow citizens that I did not prioritize foreign affairs more than domestic affairs, I was in a position to achieve at least in negotiating a number of treaties on foreign trades. I also did secured an agreement with Britain over the West Indies trade which I achieved by repudiating the wants of the former Adams administration which was very controversial indeed. In addition, you know that a fight nearly broke out between France and our beloved country when it was under the Jackson's administration. This was because of a treaty which was duly signed in 1831 over the Napoleonic acts on an American ship which France refused to pay the necessary damages fund and Jackson lost patience and demanded reprisals if the funds were not paid and France saw this an insult and demanded payment for this. However, due to my knowledge, I was able to reach an agreement with France, and they were able to pay the money needed.

Finally, as, I am leaving, during my tenure as the president of the United States, I was able to upgrade the judicial system of this nation. I was able to appoint a bench of 24 judges of which six were appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States, and the remaining eighteen were appointed to district courts of the United States of America. As I finalize my term as your president, I hereby wish to state categorically that the constitutional terms for a president are not enough to fully transform an economy in its worst situation. Many of what I desired to accomplish are still in the process, and I hope that you will elect a successor who will champion the accomplishment and implementation of the bending policies. America deserves the best, and I hope that the next president will take you to higher economic levels. As the bible states in the book of Timothy, "I have fought the battle, I have finished the race, and I have kept the faith. I hope with all that I have achieved you will all remember my legacy as a president who served and protected the American constitution at all costs.

In addition to this, I hope that you will all maintain and abide by the very constitution of America. I personally thank all member of state for the cooperation that they have accorded me. I wish all the Americans the present generation and the generation to come hope the next person to fit into this hot and hard pressing shoe of governing the lovely state that our ancestors left for us. It is a fruit we have guard safely and effectively over the years. May you all watch over the policies that I and my administration have worked so hard to implement in order to make the United States of America a safe and better situate to live in. with these few words, I wish to conclude my letter. May you all live to remember the effort made by my administration? Let not all the blood that was shed for the peace of this country be in vain. Treasure the peace that is prevailing in the country and do not let anything deter you from being the best state in the world.


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