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It is time for the American people to elect their political leaders for another term (2012-2016). Political temperatures are rising across the country as potential candidates announce their intentions to run for the presidency. Having already announced your intentions for a re-run, it is evident that this creates the need to come up with strategic measures in order to be assured of a win in the elections. These strategies were well formulated so as to ensure that they are no mishaps or leakages in the campaign process. The utmost goal is to ensure that you attain competitive advantage beyond your rivals. This is subject to the fact that the competition is stiff.

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Formulation of the strategies should be largely based on past experiences. This implies that there is the need to analyze the win of 2008 in terms of the different states. This will be vital in the determination of the strengths and weaknesses in the various states. It will also play a key role on the areas of major concern so as to win them to your side. The strategies will also be based on the analysis of achievements reached during the ending term. This will be a basis of proving reliability through the establishment of attained goals. This will also help to determine the success rate attained so far.

The strategies to be implemented will also be largely dependent on the rivals strengths and weaknesses. This is because they will form the basis on how to approach the campaign. Having established their weaknesses, it will be possible to build on them to as to optimize goal attainment. Also, establishing their strengths will form the basis of how to counter these strengths. Eventually, the strategies formulated will ensure that the campaign runs smoothly with a climax of a tremendous win.

Strengths and weaknesses of Barrack Obama

President Barrack Obama has much strength. The fact that he is the current president is an advantage in itself. This is because this automatically makes if the front runner. Also, the fact that he has been in office has been a chance to make sure that he builds his reputation as an eloquent leader. This is because he has achievements that he has had a chance to establish accrued to his name. Therefore, he is more likely to win the confidence of the electorate. Also, the fact that he has announced his re-run intentions will work positively towards making better his campaign.

Studies have indicated that the president has been on the forefront in ensuring economic growth and stability. This is because he has managed to enhance the stability of the country irrespective of the financial crisis that has been experienced all over the world. Record shows that Americans have accorded him a high job- rating approval. This rating is the highest recorded for all past presidents who managed to win a second term in office. This is a strength that needs to be reiterated during the campaign. This will extremely crucial in winning the assurance of the American people. Subsequently, they will be willing to vote him in office for a second term.

Statistics have also indicated that the president has been on the forefront in advocating for job creation. This has been well received by the public and this has reduced the unemployment levels to 8.8%. This had a positive effect on the economic growth of the country. This is because the increase in the national income. Decrease in unemployment rates also led to the increase in welfare of the American citizens. Improved standards of living directly affect the electorate. This is a strength that would greatly influence the choice of the next president. Therefore, the campaign should use this as one of the strongest points of President Barrack Obama.

President Barrack Obama managed to restore employment availability despite the high rates of unemployment recorded in his first two years in office. This is an indication that he is change-oriented. It is also a clear indication that he is a reformer and that the policies implemented are well sourced. It is also an advantage that the unemployment rates are going time at the time when he is seeking a second term in office.

President Obama has an advantage in terms of availability of funds. This is based on the fact that he made his announcements for a re-run early enough. This will ensure that his fundraisings will raise the money needed for his campaigns. This will be a huge head start in his campaigns against his rivals. This is unlike the Republicans who are yet to make formal their intentions.

Recent studies have indicated that United States of America is increasingly becoming diverse in terms of ethnicity and race. Given the fact that President Barrack Obama is Black American, this is largely in his favor. The latest census carried out in 2010 clearly confirms this notion. This works best for the president since he is bound to have more people on his side. It is also evident that the diversification of America tends to favor the Democratic side of the political divide.

It is also less likely that the president will face a primary challenge. This is advantageous because he can put all his efforts on trying to win the nation at large. This implies that he does not need to spend excessive time fighting wrangles within his party. On the contrary, all the Democrats will rally behind him so as to win the presidential bid once again. This is one of the greatest advantages that the incumbent president possesses over his Republican rivals. This is because the Republican s will need to run the nomination of the person to go up against president Barrack Obama.

However, the president also faces several challenges in his bid for presidency. For example one of the greatest hurdles that the incumbent president faces is the issue regarding the health care system. He fought his way up into passing that Act into law. However, ever since it was passed there has been little or no changes recorded in the health care system. This is a very big challenge that the president needs to find solution because it could cost him a second term in office.

One of the major reasons why this problem persists is the amount of money that the health care system cost. Failure in the accomplishment of expected results is an indication that the president must find a logical explanation for the debates that are bound to ensue (Frantzich, 2010).

 He is also faced with the challenges of war. This is the idealism that got him victory against his counterpart Hillary Clinton during the Democrats nominations. Once I office, he continued with the plans of withdrawing military troops from Iraq. However, he recently began acting in a contradictory manner to the promises her made during his 2008 campaigns. This is illustrated by the continued deployment of military troops in Afghanistan and Libya. This could cost him especially because these are actions proceeding the campaign period. He has come out as a person who is not transitive in opinions and decision making. He has been greatly criticized by his rivals to the White House over this issue. They have often to him as acting multilaterally. In this regards, they say that he is emulating France and Great Britain.

He is also faced with the problem of big spending. This has been arrived at in regards to the annual budgets. The annual deficit has been deteriorating and the national debt is overwhelming. This could be used as a competitive weapon by his opponents in regards to his misappropriations and the scaling of unsuitable items in the budgets. Some leaders have been captured saying that President Obama is too focused on re-election into office to even see the deficits in the budgets.

Also, despite the fact that President Obama has managed to reduce the unemployment rate to 8.8 %, it is still relatively high. This implies that he is bound to face great opposition from his opponents on issues regarding these rates. Past experience has indicated that incumbent presidents with unemployment rates this high face numerous challenges. Therefore, it is important to come with reasonable explanations that depict the reasons for this rate of unemployment.

Wins in 2008 Elections

President's Obama's win in Ohio was overwhelming. This is because it was least expected. However, a careful study of the state made sure that he the right strategies in hand in order to win their votes. This was proven by his win during the general election. This was a shocker for the onlookers who were caught unawares because Ohio had been considered as a must-win for McCain.

On February 10, 2007, the then Illinois Senator, Barrack Obama, announced that he would be running for the presidency. We were all gathered at the Old State Capitol Building in Springfield, Illinois. Everyone was over whelmed as the senator made the announcement and also put across his strategy towards making sure that he would win the election. It was a significant announcement in American politics since if he won the election in 2008; he would be the first black American president in the United States. Together with his family and his managers, they were positive about winning the next election.

Looking back to that day, I am well aware that a dream starts with the initial step that one makes. Barrack Obama later won the highly contested election on a Democratic ticket. In his speech, he introduced the 'Yes We Can' slogan that sailed him through to presidency. It is clear that being optimistic is of virtual importance in ensuring that one attains success in whatever they under take to do.

Discrimination due to race only exists in our minds. If we choose to block the existence of the different races that we come from and view ourselves as one strong, united nation, it is clear that we can surpass any hurdles that may come our way. Success comes our way if we first believe in ourselves so as to convince others to believe in our strong capabilities. The effort we put nonstop is what leads us to greater heights from where we initially are to where we ought to be.

I learnt a lot through attending this initial step of our current president. My self esteem is higher, and the power to believe in my capabilities was highly increased. It is clear that we are what we make ourselves be in life. It is all about how far we are willing to go through how much effort we put.

 He also surprisingly recorded unexpected wins in Virginia and Pennsylvania. This was overwhelming because the state of Virginia had never voted for a democratic president since 1964. This is an indication that he had set his strategies well and aimed at what he hoped to achieve. He was able to earn his victory in the most unexpected states.

Hillary Clinton, 63, is currently the United States' secretary of state. She lost to Barrack Obama for the presidency on a Democratic Party's ticket in the 2008 elections. She is the wife of former US president Bill Clinton. She served as the First Lady for eight years and had also been a senator for eight years. Hillary has been on the limelight as everyone on the political arena waits to see if she is running for the presidency in the upcoming elections, in 2012. However, these speculations have been confirmed wrong.

She announced that she did not intend to charge for the presidency again while in Bahrain, as part of the tour. She said that she planned on living her life away from politics. She intends to proceed with advocacy for women and children as it is her passion. However, her announcement appears to be a strategy to, slowly, replace Joe Biden as the vice president in the 2012 elections.

In my view, Hillary's announcement could just be a strategy to ensure that attention shifts from the main issue; replacing Joe Biden. Considering the 2008 run against President Barrack Obama, it was clear that they were extremely minimal margins between the supporters of Obama and those of Hillary Clinton. As such, it would be less likely that Hillary will just call it quoits when her popularity is still quite large. Also, the fact that Hillary has been in politics for quite a long time means that she would not just quit as soon as the next elections. Politics is a dirty game and politicians survive via strategies that they set to ensure that they are still relevant with the passage of time. This, therefore, implies that Hillary, just like any other politician must strategize so as to continue pursuing her dream in politics.

He attributed his victory to great organization and economic message. This is an indication that establishing the needs of the voters is the best approach to any win. This implies that the campaign team for 2012 needs to study the needs of the various states. This will be crucial in ensuring that they focus on the various needs of the electorate. This will ensure that he gives them the message that they need on his plans for them. In the case of Ohio, he had established that he needed to give the people from this rural area hope of economic development. This played an important role in his unexpected win in the Southern states (Smith, 2010).


President Obama is bound to face stiff competition from his opponents in run to the White House. Two of the opponents to president Barrack Obama are Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. Palin has already begun her fundraising and is renowned for her Tea Party Activism. She is an already established politician who has been on the lime light since 2008. She has an advantage due her media celebrity. She is opposes the multilateral behavior and actions of President Obama in regards to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. She says that Obama did not act in accordance to what he had proclaimed (

On the other hand, Mitt Romney lost his presidency bid in 2008 to McCain. However, that did not deter him from running in 2012. While making his announcement, he greatly opposed president's Obama's approach to economic policies and the health care system. He noted that his leadership in conjunction with the people around depicted the fact that they had never been directly involved in the economy. He reiterated that America could only be rejuvenated with the election of an experienced person in matters related to the economy.

The two opponents are especially strong in New Hampshire. Therefore, Barrack Obama and his team need to come with the strategies to ensure that they meet the needs of the people of New Hampshire. This could win them over to his side so as to capture these votes. They also need to arrange numerous campaign trails to the region. This will be helpful in ensuring that the people of New Hampshire are well aware of his [proposals when he wins the second term running from 2012-2016.

Key messages for the campaign

President Obama should focus on reassuring Americans of his plans on economic growth. This will be effectively achieved through laying out the plan for economic development activities. The president should base his campaign messages as being a reformist. This is because he can use clear evidence of the reform that he has brought into the nation in the past term as president. This will be significant since Americans can gauge his pledges on the basis of what he has been able to achieve over the four years.

While campaigning as a reformist, the president should be ready to counter his critics who are convinced that he continued with the malpractices of the previous government. This is especially in the case of his approach on wars in Libya and Afghanistan. It is also the case in terms of the Health Care Act that he passed but turned out to be the cost instead of the expected benefits. Having this in mind, the president will be in a position to defend his actions based on factual material.

While carrying out his campaigns, it is extremely crucial that he dwells on the positive achievements that he has made while in power. When talking about matters concerning economic growth, the president could dwell on the improvement in unemployment levels that are highly attributed to the current financial crisis. It is also important to emphasize on the facts that this has also caused the rate of economic growth to be relatively slow (Cohen, Greenberg & Dodson, 2009).

It is also vital to note that in order to achieve the set goals and objectives, it would extremely beneficial for him to serve another term in order to enhance the policies that he has already formulated and implemented. This will ensure that there is no change of the policies that are bound to improve the country's economic status. This will be reassuring to the voters and this will lead to increased volumes of votes come the general elections.

The use of the slogan "It Begins with Us" carries a lot of weight and should be adopted for the 20112 campaign. This is because it is an indication that the changes we would like to see in America will have to start at an individual level. This also complements the 2008 slogan "YES WE CAN". This is a slogan that many people can identify with. This will ensure that they feel as part of the government that is coming in place. This also implies that it begun when Obama became president in 2008.

In American politics, there seem to be certain threads that need to be maintained in order to ensure that a certain line of authority persists. This is the case portrayed in the film because the president's choice is a minority choice but anything is done to ensure it is enacted. However, the entire unfair deal is sabotaged by the sudden death of the president. The vice president, who takes over as president does not agree with this unfair deal.

If the strategies discussed above are followed towards the path for Barrack Obama's second term, his dreams and aspirations will be achieved.


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