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Pluralism is common among organizations and societies in the world. The term is used to refer to a condition where in a particular society, members from different backgrounds having different cultures, beliefs and traditions work together in harmony with the purpose of meeting a certain goal. Pluralism has occurred in various sections in the society. It has been witnessed in church where people from various religions come together and also in the political arena where the stronger group absorbs the weaker group. Assimilation on the other hand, refers to the process through which people from one culture are absorbed into another group peacefully. They therefore adopt their beliefs and cultures putting aside their own (Baghramian & Ingram, 2000).

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Pluralism and assimilation

For pluralism to be successful there is need for assimilation. Pluralism involves two or more groups with diverse beliefs and ideas who come together to work towards a certain goal. Pluralism entails, the ability to deal with diversity, having the ability to develop harmonious living between two different groups, commitment especially for the group being assimilated and finally the ability to engage in dialogue on various issues.  There is the presence of one group that considers itself strong while the other views itself as weak. The weaker group is the one that is assimilated so as to fit into the stronger group. The group to be assimilated needs to be willing to give up its values and take up the values of the strong side. Pluralism is seen as beneficial both to individuals and the society as a whole. In the political arena, leadership that results from one source is not only considered undesirable but it has been found to be unworkable. In church, pluralism has been fruitful. It has enabled people to live in peace despite the presence of different religions in the world. On the other part, leadership that develops as a result of opinions from various groups who are together has been found to be fruitful (Connolly, 2005).

In conclusion, pluralism has occurred in various parts of the world and in various sections. Pluralism without assimilation cannot yield good results and hence its success lies mainly on the ability to carry on the process of assimilation. Assimilation enables the individuals to work for the good of the society or organization.


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