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The powerful governor rules the government of the state of New Jersey. It was established in 1776 after the revolution war. Since the constitution, of the New Jersey had been rewritten twice with the latest one being adopted in 1776. The Native Americans moved to New Jersey for excavations first before the Swedish, and the Dutch took it. This was after the reversal of the younger dryas climate, which made the area uninhabitable. New Jersey is located in America. Like other American countries, it was also colonized. It was colonized by three different colonial powers. It began with the Swedish, but later the Dutch took it. The British colony edged off the Netherlands colony and took over. New Jersey gained independence in 1776 through the American Revolution.

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History of the New Jersey

The government framework of the New Jersey was started in 1776 after the revolutionary war. This was when the new constitution was written for the first time to create the state of the New Jersey. The constitution of the New Jersey has been rewritten twice to address the problems of the previous versions. By the year 1884, the citizens demanded the constitution to be rewritten to address a more democratic government. This constitution was also meant to address issues of separation of power between the judicial, legislature and the executive. The citizens also wanted the inclusion of the bill of rights in the constitution. People were also given the mandate to elect the governor instead of the legislature. The current constitution of the state of the New Jersey adopted the present constitution in 1947. The terms of office for the governor increased from three to four years in office. The powers of the governor were also increased.

The European contact with the New Jersey began due to the exploration of the jersey shore. At this time, the area was populated with the tribe of the Lenape. The Dutch and Swedish scramble for the New Jersey though the Dutch managed to take over from the Swedish. The English colony also seized the Dutch colony of the Netherlands in a1664. New Jersey broke off from the British colony in the American Revolution, therefore, became an independent state in 1776 upon the formation of the United States of America. New Jersey shipyards were responsible for building and construction of the naval ships during the world war two. This included the destroyers and heavy cruisers.

The state saw the significance during the American revolutionary war where the delegates of the state signed the convention and Princeton became the capital city for four months during the year 1783. In 1787, New Jersey became the third nation to ratify the United States constitution. During the nineteenth century, New Jersey underwent great industrial revolution and assisted the America with soldiers for the war America was fighting that is the American civil war. It was this time that it became a component of Underground Railroad. The industrialization further developed with the construction of the canals and more railway lines.

New Jersey weakened during the great depression of the 1930's, but had greatly developed by 1900s. The New Jersey military and shipyards played a critical role during the cold war and in the Second World War. The state's army played a role in defending the United States. Late in 1960s, New Jersey was the great site for the several race protests and riots. It was also site for Glassboro Summit conference between the then American president Lyndon B Johnson and the soviet premier Alexei Kosygin. Many of the women took industrial jobs during the absences of men who were involved in the war.

Leadership in the New Jersey

Leadership of the new jersey in driven by the constitutional powers enshrine in the constitution. The constitution has three main centers s of execution and distribution of power. The first center is the executive branch, which is headed by the governor elected after every four years for a maximum period of two consecutive terms. It is the most powerful governor in the United States and appoints key officers like the attorney general, state treasurer and secretary approved by the senate. The governor also appoints the secretaries of major departments. Legislative branch is another center of power made up by the senate and the general assembly. The senate contains forty members while the general assembly is made up of eighty members. The legislative branch mainly deals with the formation of the country's laws. The final center of power is the judicial branch. It decides how the state laws should be applied. It constitutes the judges, supreme, and the super judge of the high court who can server up to seventy years old.

Governor Chris Christie.

The office of the governor in the New Jersey is the top most office in the New Jersey leadership. New Jersey has had many governors since gaining independence from the American Revolution during the American great revolution. The first governor was William Livingstone who was a leader of the federal party of the New Jersey. Other political parties in the history of the New Jersey included the Whig, republican and democrat. The latter two are the current superior parties in the state. New Jersey has had over fifty fife governors since gaining the independence.

Most of them have passed away and out of the fifty-five, only about ten are alive today. Chris Christie is the incumbent governor of the new jersey in the party of the republican having served from January 19 of the year twenty ten. Prior to him assuming office in 2010, the new office had no office of a governor. Before then, the office of the governor was vacant because the governor had been unable to serve his duties through injury. The president of the state of the senate was serving in an acting capacity.

Chris Christie is the incumbent governor of the new jersey of the United States of America. He is known is Christopher James and is the 55th and current governor of the New Jersey. He was born on the sixth of September 1992. Upon the election of Christie Chris to the governorship in the year two thousand and nine, he became the ever first republican to win the statewide election in New Jersey in twelve years. He was a lawyer by profession and had served as an attorney of the United States in the district of the New Jersey.

His early and family life is different in that he did not move his family to reside in his official residence. Chris was born in Newark of the New Jersey as a son of bill Christie and Sondra Grasso. He was raised in Livingstone and grew up there until his graduation from the Livingstone high school. He proceeded to the University of Delaware where he pursued a bachelors' degree of arts political science option in 1984. He further proceeded on to the Seton hall university school of law where he qualified with a Jurist doctor degree in year 1987.

The career Christie Chris began immediately after he qualified for the award. He was first recruited and employed to the bar of the state of New Jersey and the bar of the United States district court, district of the New Jersey in the years 1987 December. In his personal life, he married Marry pot foster who was his fellow student at the Delaware state university. They then moved to summit in the New Jersey where they shared a single-room apartment. His wife, Marry Pat Foster, pursued her career in degree in the investment banking. She finally qualified and worked at the Wall Street firm known as cantor Fitzgerald. Due to the attack that affected her in September 11, she left the firm only to return recently to work on part time. His wife is an Irish of the Sicilian decent. They reside in Mendham Township together with the family.

Career as a lawyer

As he began his career in 1987, he managed to join a law firm called Hewitt and pallatucci in the Crawford within the New Jersey. However, he was promoted, and named the partner of the law firm in1993. He went further in the firm and chose a different field of the law in which to specialize. He specialized in securities laws, election law, and government affairs. He joined as a member the following positions; election law committee of the new jersey state bar association and the new jersey state bar association.

Political career and achievements

Political career started with the Morris county freeholder elections in 1994. He was elected in the Republican Party to the Morris county New Jersey in the board of the chosen freeholders. He was chosen with his running mate because they had defeated the incumbent freeholders in the party primary nominations. However, he was accused of electoral offences during the campaigns, but the dispute was resolved amicably out of court. Having been elected he then wanted the county governments to obtain three different quotations from three different firms for contracts.

He successfully championed and led change in the county by barring officials at the county from receiving bribes in the form of gifts to award contracts to unqualified firms. However, Christie led successful vote to have the land preservation tax open where it decreased by 6.6% in his term in office. The architecture that had been hired to design the new jail was dismissed through his effort claiming that it was costing too much taxpayers' funds unnecessarily. The dismissed architect went further and sued Chris for defamation on the alleged case over the dismissal and cancellation of his contract.

He was never at the peak of his career where he went further, announced his bid for the seat in the general assembly of the New Jersey in 1995. He partnered with the attorney rick Merk, and ran against the then incumbent Anthony Bucco in the republican primary election at that time. They were then defeated because the senior attorney was well established thus were defeated by a wider margin. Due to defeat, he decided to run for the freeholder post, but the republican was disappointed and had fronted another candidate to run against Christie in 1997. He was eventually defeated in the primary by the republicans' Murphy. His political career at Morris county politics was over in by the year 1998 (Halbfinger, 18 Aug 2009).


Within his firm 1998, he went ahead and registered a lobbyist for Dughi firm together with his partners. In the year 1999 and 200, he lobbied with his company and partners on behalf of GPU energy for the deregulation of the electric and gas industry.

Appointment as United States Attorney

From the year 2002 January 17th, he served as the chief federal law enforcement officer of the New Jersey state with other one hundred and thirty seven attorneys. They had a good network of offices in Trenton, Camden and Newark. He also served as one of the United States' attorneys on attorney general (Kocienniewski, February 2008). Appointments of Christie were overwhelming. He was nominated as the United States attorney for the district of the New Jersey and sworn in by early 2002.


He achieved tremendously despite his reputation of lack of adequate experience in practicing law. He, however, received record on his conviction of public corruption. He won close to one hundred and thirty guilty pleas from public officials at both state, county and public officials. The cases were both for republicans and democrats where he did not lose even a single case. However, Christie has been accused of a number of shortcomings like the claims of misuse of deferred prosecutions and agreements. He also faced the claims of partisan attack and cell phone monitoring and the alleged entrapment (Margolin, 25 Aug 2009).

The campaign for New Jersey governor 2009

In January 2009, Christie declared his interest to run for the position of the governor. The primaries were scheduled for June 2009, and he won with 55% defeating opponents of conservative. In July, he appointed Kimberly Guadagno to complete his ticket as a candidate for lieutenant governor. In November 2009, Christie defeated his opponents by a reasonable percentage of 48.5%. His position on issues was exemplary being against abortion where the commentators in the New Jersey termed him "Christie pro-life views." This could do him in and pro choice republican could win the new socially liberal state.

He also had great views on drugs where he supported medical marijuana but was against the New Jersey proposed medical marijuana bill. He also supported that state granting of children's education. Christie also had a motivational view for merit pay awarded to teachers. Other issues he had in his views were the energy and environment, illegal possession of arms and guns.

He also had a softer stand on illegal immigrants that they are not criminals, but only civil wrong unless they have deported and reentered New Jersey. Christie also addressed critical issues in his campaign that if elected, he would implement; the issues included; organized crimes, public employee pensions for all employees regardless of profession. He also talked on balancing taxes with the state of the economy.

Christie the New Jersey Governor

Christie took office in January 19 as the governor of the New Jersey. By February, Christie signed an executive order that had a freeze for ninety days on the council of affordable housing. He created the housing opportunity committee to review the housing laws available in the state of the New Jersey. The year 2010, ten had an escalating budget deficit to run the affairs of the state and thus declaring that a state of fiscal deficit was looming in the New Jersey state. While delivering his speech, in the joint meeting he had already laid down an ideal plan where he laid down a plan of solutions to close down the existing budget gap. However, the democrats, based on no consultation, criticized his strategy of budget modification. He suspended and reduced funding on education health facilities to stabilize the budget deficit he found when he took office.

Christie also suspended funding in areas like the department of the public advocate and subsequent elimination. He forced school district to spent the surplus they had by withholding the funding to these schools (Katz, August 28, 2010). He also wanted the state to provide subsidies to New Jersey higher education. By august 2010, New Jersey lost state funding in federal race to the leading education grants. In fact, Ohio the lowest ranked state was higher by three points than the New Jersey (Friedman, 2010). In response, he criticized the administration of Obama that this was driving people crazy about the government and the Washington.

Some of his notable achievements were winning of the guilt appeal cases without losing any single case whether democrat or republican was involved. As a governor, Christie had some notable undertakings that most involve were worst to face the New Jersey state. The governor never gave space to organized gang violence until he thwarted all the efforts of the organized gangs in instituting gang violence in the New Jersey state. He was able to arrest and successfully prosecute forty-five members of the so-called double two bloods. Christie was also fiercely fighting against sexual content to the younger age like in the case of child pornography. The governor took great effort to put a halt to over one thousand five hundred pornographers in the world. His effort and task went even beyond the New Jersey worldwide. Christie was also environmental friendly where he took the effort to handle the polluters who neglected their responsibility. The polluters were met to fulfill the full obligatory members in maintaining the environment for sustainable development.


The governor of the New Jersey earned up recognition and a widespread praise for not withstanding malpractices of the political class and their influence to the society. He made clear that any misappropriation of the New Jersey would never go with any level tolerance whatsoever. He earned a reputation that even when he left the United States attorney in 2008, every news and paper in the New Jersey praised him as the New Jersey United States attorney. However, Governor Christ Christie has a very deep seeded affection and an unending commitment to the transformed and prospering New Jersey state. Leadership entails responsibility and integrity as shown by the New Jersey Governor.


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