Free Obama Allegations & Credit Card Debt Relief Essay Sample

There is a growing misconception that president Obama is Muslim. According The Week, (2010), "18% of Americans now say President Obama is a Muslim, up from 11% in March 2009. Only 34% correctly identify him as a Christian and 43% say they don't know what his religion is." This is a serious misconception that restoring President Obama's public image should lay focus on. Such a misconception is mostly highlighted by the media as 60% of those who thought so learnt about it from the media (Pew Polls, 2010). The media is in the forefront in propagating this myth.

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For me as President Obama's public relations manager, I would first, resort to counter such allegations without further delay. The elections are nearing and with the growing numbers of Americans who now believe that the president is Muslim, this would dent his public image and compromise votes for the elections. I will use the semiotics school of thought as the most preferred theory to counter these allegations. This school of thought approaches communication sends a mixture of symbols, and messages in creating specific rejoinder from the public in response to the allegation. A good ground to make the public take my reasoning seriously will be that fact that 60% of those who think President Obama is a Muslim heard the claims from the media.  Therefore, the poll results will be my main inference of data.  

I will convince the public that the Muslim allegation was a mere propaganda that was used prior to the election of President Obama in 2008. To further support my claim, I point out to the fact that the religion issues became quiet until now when we are about to head to the polls. For an effective result from the semiotics school of thought, it is in order syntactic, semantics, and pragmatics are well coordinated in a bid to convince the public. I will ensure that I use the propaganda claims in line with the three areas to change the public opinion about this issues before the end of August 2011. In addition, President Obama ought to mention his Christian faith in every public gathering to counter the media campaign linking him to Muslim.

As a good public relations manager for the president, I will further advance my anti-propaganda campaign by improving my reasoning ability on the issues. Reasoning requires purposefulness, and bringing up an issue that would attempt to settle down a claim or problem. The propaganda assumption is justifiable given the nearing elections in America and the realignment of the political scenes. At this time, parties are laying out strategies for winning the elections, and propaganda claim will sell to the public if my point of view is understood.

Another misconception about the president is the introduction of credit card debt relief plan and its repercussions on people who have extreme debts. There is a wrong interpretation of a good plan from the president to thwart the intended objective by a host of misconceptions. My strategy for restoring the good intention of the package and repairing the president's public image would be highlighting the facts about the plan. According to (Blake, 2011), " does give debtors the ability to erase 50-60% of their credit debt and even more. Sometimes this can be up to 70% the Obama credit card debt relief program." In order to convince the public about the viability of the project, I would explain the success story of credit card in two folds to clear the misconception. Detractors of the program do not see the plight of American citizens in extreme debts, who would be bailed out with the program.

To begin with, the president through his economic advisors explains that much money is in the public domain to rescue the situation. To illustrate the commitment of the president towards enhancing the economy of America, he first prepared a bill that would rescue all people trapped in debts. In addition, with more money in circulation in the American economy, creditors have financial access, and as such, they are able to improve their financial books after the aftermath of the economic recession. It will be my duty to further connect the success of the stimulus package with the policy of Democratic Party that is superior in economic policies. Based on this assumption, it would also be in order for the president to share the success story of the package through regular press releases and possible hitches to the public.


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