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The coming California general election is one of its kind and the voters are better be ready for a shock as the heated campaigns come to an end. The candidates for both Democrats and the Republican parties have engaged themselves in a war like campaigns in trying to outwit the other in winning the voter's trust. With so many races the parties are the chief campaigners for the candidates and they exercise this in expectation of popularizing themselves.

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The post of Governor has Jerry Brown the democrat and Meg Whitman the republican. Between these two contesters, Meg Whitman is destined for victory because of her complex campaign strategies and the general understanding of the people of California. She is an out going leader who has the heart to listen and help everyone rise above the poverty level. From her past experiences and the exposure that her career has given her, she has learned to be with the people and she knows every problem affecting the Californians. She is well educated and focused lady who has a lot of experiences from all the five states of America, this has equipped her of political skills and techniques which helps her in creating job opportunities. One of her main objective is creating jobs for better future. She likes quoting on her campaigns that "jobs are on the way" (2010). She is able to deliver her promises as seen in the past where when she joined the eBay there were only 30 employees but, with her influence she has raised the company to international standards and currently employing over 15,000 people worldwide.

With her fast knowledge of business administration and interacting with various people she has gained political stability and she portrays a sense of humor which she uses to drive her messages strongly. From the diversity of the economy, she has great plans for the people of California due to her dynamic nature. Some of her objectives are to create sustainable growth and development, improve the standards of educations as this is the tool for fast attainability and utilization of available resources, and more so to put in place a good governance system that does not discriminate the citizens. She is a type of politician who does not like wastes and she prioritizes duties as per the needs of the people. She is a good decision maker and she ignores rumors and propaganda. This is the characteristics of a focused leader who is willing to spear head national developments and foster peaceful coexistence among its members. For this reason, Whitman will definitely win as the governor.

Another important variable is the use of finances whereby the candidates have to go deep into their pockets and pool resources from whatever source that will enable him/her campaign successfully. The exercise is tedious and time consuming, that means it requires a lot of sacrifice and patience. Meg Whitman up to now is known to have spent over $140 million (McLaughlin, & Harmon, 2010). As compared to her counterpart who has only used $35 million. If we weigh these differences and analyze critically we shall realize that for one to win the election in modern times he/she should get enough finances in order to join politics. Politics is a dirty game and one should be prepared to encounter anything. With the use of funds one is able to coordinate various activities at different places by hiring agents and placing posters all over. With modern technology also there use of internet can facilitate communications and ease on campaign processes (McLaughlin & Harmon, 2010). Finances can influence the decision making of voters especially the minority and the poor, they think that if you have money you are powerful and they fear because they are so oppressed. They can vote for anybody as long as they promise them good future with some little tips.

If in any case Meg Whitman does not win which is almost impossible, she can be tempted to rig the elections since she has the money and money can do anything. The source of such funds can sometimes be a problem and one may end up borrowing from friends and organizations which in return offer to help but with strings attached. You win an election they want certain favors. With Whitman's choice of fundraising and other personal contributions she can achieve her goals and objectives easily. In some states like New York, the party matters a lot and one need to be very gorgeous for choosing a wrong party one would automatically lose the election.

For democracy, people have the power of choosing their leaders and they should be well educated so that they can make informed choices. Politics of modern times need to be reviewed and proper systems put in place for the leaders to adhere to and lead the country willingly with no greed. Competition is good for national development and economic growth and leaders should not see it as avenues of hatred, corruption and social sub evils. If one wins in an election, try to implement the promises made during the campaign period and unite all members of the society. Joint hands with the losers and work hard towards achieving the set priorities. For Meg Whitman, charity begins at home better serve the people now for your time as come. Victory is on your side, go for it.


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