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The topic about the United States congress discussed here, strives to explain the organization of this legislative institution, its composition, the roles played by each house, the definition of the term bicameral and congress and finally a conclusion. Bicameral means two bodies. The United States congress is considered bicameral, because it constitutes the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives has representatives of every state based on population. The Senate contains of two senators from each state. Bills are keenly synchronized by these bodies before presentation to the President to be signed into law. If the President turns them down and does not sign, the bills do not become law.

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The occupants of the two houses are chosen by being elected directly. Each single member of among the four hundred and thirty-five represents a district and the member who is eligible to serve a two-year term. Population divides the House`s seats among the states. Every state has two senators, regardless of the population. Since there are fifty states, one hundred senators serve for six-year terms. The terms are engineered in a way that after every two years, approximately a third of the Senate composition is up for election. Most representatives, who do not live up to the electorates’ expectation, seek re-election and stand a very better chance that exceeds 90% (United States 1900).

The House of Representatives and the Senate are equal as far as the legislative process is concerned. The two parties must come to an agreement for a legislation to be enacted. However, the constitution bestows each chamber with distinct powers. The Senate has the mandate of ratifying treaties and approving of the people appointed for top positions by the President. The House of Representatives is judged with the responsibility of starting or initiating bills that are aimed towards raising revenues (Revenue-raising bills).  The House initiates cases of impeachment, while the Senate gives decision on the impeachment cases.

If a person facing impeachment case is to be hounded out of office, charges against him must be enjoying the maintenance of a two-thirds majority of the Senate. The Congress may refer to a particular meeting of the legislature. A legislator in any of the Houses is a member of the Congress. Therefore, he or she might be referred to as a congressman or congresswoman respectively. The members of the Congress are referred to using a general term that is a Congressperson.

The main aim of the Congress has been to maintain freedom and be a formidable driving force of the government. The Congress is the heart and the soul of the United States democracy. The Congress has been perceived by a certain analyst to be a vital institution in shaping government policy. All members of the Congress serve two unique roles that are representation of local interests and lawmaking in order to safeguard national interests.

This system allows the congresspersons to effectively champion interests of their people. The Senate, being the top most institution, is commissioned to pass or turn down the top presidential appointments.  These way national resources are entrusted to very selfless people, who might ensure an equal and fair distribution of resources. Additionally, the House of Representatives has the mandate to initiate bills that are meant to increase revenues. Since the members of representatives are in touch with the people at grassroots level, they are likely to make recommendations that are friendly to the poor (United States 1873).

The House of Representatives is more responsive to its constituents. This House represents a district unlike the other House that represents the state. Since the House of Representative represents a less geographical area, it is better placed as far as the electorate’s interests are concerned. Cognizant of the fact that both members are elected at regular intervals, the interests of the citizens are well represented, because the members will seek re-election.

The United States Congress that embraces the idea of bicameral Houses is fantastic. This is because the two Houses have their roles clearly stipulated in the constitution. This stipulation ensures that none of the Houses plays the roles of another (United States 1900). The decisions that are effected collectively by the two Houses, for example, impeachment, ensure that there is a coordination between the two Houses. The Congress form of legislation should be copied by other countries for better governance and the appointment of level headed officials.


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