Free 21st Century Changes Essay Sample

Five generic categories of change in the 21st century and five pertaining to commerce

All historical eras have remarkable revolutions that go hand in hand with the changing electronic economy. The 21st century has experienced an immeasurable revolution in its first ten years and one is kept wondering about the magnitude of the change that awaits us before the century ends. This discussion will identify the general dynamics that have occurred in this 21st century and later focus of those that have occurred in e-commerce (Krafft& Mantrala 2010). This century can be likened to the industrial revolution of the 17th and 18th century that Britain went through. The era was seen as the best one which prepared Britain economic activities related to the market. This is a clear indication that the changes that were experienced now have everlasting effects on human race. It is also important to note that, these changes do not always have a smooth impact on our lives but at first since they may create a lot of confusion but later come in congruency with normal human life (Alcamo, et al 2002).

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The first noticeable change that took place after 2000 is the strength and emergence of social networking sites. We can point out clearly that internet existed before this era but people exploited its use with the emergence of Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace among others which enabled people to communicate instantly than relying on the traditional email. The cellular phone technology is another revolution that took centre stage in this era with instant ability to even email, send pictures, videos besides making a call anywhere you go (Krafft & Mantrala, 2010). Thirdly, this era experienced another revolution due to the making of MP3 players and ipods that facilitates one to have thousands of songs and videos in the small devices. The fourth change in this era is the change in visual entertainment from the normal large TV boxes to the currently known HD TV that has greatly redefined our looks on TV forever (Alcamo, et al 2002). Another memorable event of these first ten years of the century is the election of Barrack Obama as the first black American president and this clearly shows more of revolutions to come.

In relation to e-commerce, there are also changes that are being experienced and others constantly emerging. E-commerce is the use of the internet in the provision of online services, business, and shopping to users without having to visit the premises physically. A model e-commerce uses the electronic data interchange. The use of the internet therefore is the first clear indication that people will have to spend more of their time there looking for the best goods they want. Internet is therefore transforming lives (Khosrow-Pour 2010). The fact that operations are done at the comfort of our homes is a clear indication of how business is done. Initially, people were required to wear smart before they went to sell in their shopping malls but e-commerce has enabled individuals to open the shopping offices and wearing pajamas while sitting at home (Bentrum & Whatley, 2002).

Fourthly, e-commerce has also revolutionized the marketing business by making it a 24-hour activity and this is supplemented by the simple, fast, and low cost for those who engage in the activity thus facilitating appropriate investment of time and energy. Lastly, e-commerce has seen the emergence of various marketing industries in the 21st century. It is important to note that this is a product of innovative technology and thus a versatile industry that has ambient room for growth of other supportive facilities. This century has seen e-commerce enhance its direct marketing with reduced space for competition (Khosrow-Pour, 2010). The e-commerce business has also seen the reduction of employees and marketing expenditures in this century. It is clearly shown that the 21st century is full of revolution and promises more and more surprises in the future that would also have everlasting effects especially in e-commerce (Bentrum & Whatley, 2002).


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