Free Workplace Attitudes and Team Development Essay Sample

Chapter 5 of Greenberg and Baron’s book “Behavior in Organizations” talks about work-related attitudes at work place.  Attitudes are compound sets of faith and feelings that people have about specific situations. Work related attitudes include job satisfaction which is the personal attitude towards his job and replicates the level at which a person is content with his work. Job dissatisfaction and satisfaction can be caused by business factors like work nature, conditions at work, promotion opportunities, procedures and policies of the organization and even pay. It can also be due to group factors like managers or supervisors and coworkers.

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Personal factors like personal aspirations and needs may also cause dissatisfactions. However, satisfaction and dissatisfaction has various consequences. A  worker who is satisfied absents him or herself less often, stays with the organization for longer and makes positive contributions while a dissatisfied employee continually looks for another job, tends tom absent himself more often and experiences a lot of stress which disrupts workmates (Greenbag, 556).

Another work related attitude is organization commitment. This is a feeling of connection to and identification to the organization.  Commitment can be boosted by provision of job security and rewards, giving employees opportunities to contribute in making decisions that affect their work, provision of well-designed jobs with clarified roles and treating them well. This is because the more involved and committed workers can be, the better their attendance, the stronger their objectives of staying and the bigger their job related attempt. Mood and Affect is another major work related attitude. People’s feelings and emotions differ and we must put into consideration within an organization in order to achieve certain organizational goals (Greenbag, 676).

Group Processes and Work Teams (chapter 5)

There are various processes involved in team development at work place. First, it can be through understanding personal growing and development as well as the team’s overall development. Another process of developing team work is through the depth of dimension which can be used to help in guiding and accelerating natural methods of transition and progress. Major markets can also be used in the process. This is whereby customers and markets that may have been ignored before are no longer secured. It can either be negative or positive according to the organization’s last market position (Robert, 724).

It can also be done through a quick assessment of a business viewpoint issues and understanding the approach of the organization in making decisions. This means that a team manager have to be aware with the decision-making process, understand the requirements and worry of various stakeholders and figure out specifically what it will cost to help a customer to move from crisis to solution. During the process, the team representative conquers opposition, builds coalition and helps the organization to move down the road towards a resolution. The quicker he gets how things work in the organization, the easier it becomes for him to plan a tactic and start directs the process (Greenbag, 556).

The process can also be through first knowing what the organization is proud of and how do team members feel about the team they work with and how they do their work. The team leader should also observe the behaviors of team members and understand how they feel about the leadership, the strength of their cultural values and whether they have the spirit of “Can-Do.” The process must also involve rewarding and encouraging individualism. Lastly the best way is by asking team members questions on how they feel and allowing each of them to partake (Greenbag, 556).


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