Free Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Therapy Essay Sample

Cognitive focuses on human thinking as behavior is to actions and what we do. Behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy is therapy that focuses on one talking about themselves, the world and other people and how their actions impact their thoughts and feelings. It is a treatment on current state of mind. Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on emotional response, the idea that our thinking influences how we feel. For this therapy to be effective, there has to be a joint effort between the therapist and client. An example of a technique that employs this kind of therapy is Person-centered therapy also known as Rogerian therapy.

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This type of therapy is client centered and non-directive. Its approach is that of counseling and psychotherapy with a lot of the responsibility being placed on the client. The purpose of this is to increase self-esteem and promote more openness to experience. Focus is driven to foster the client to actualize themselves by having a better self-understanding, lower levels of defensiveness, insecurity and even guilt. One is encouraged to express themselves forthrightly. The therapy derives its name from the founder Carl Rogers an American psychologist and was developed in 1930's.

The theory based on human potential movement which defines human nature as intrinsically good. Its perspective was that human behavior is motivated by a drive to achieve one's fullest potential; the process of self actualization. The most vital element in a successful therapy is neither the therapist's skill nor tanning but his or her attitude. The therapist uses three interrelated attitudes that are central to the success of the therapy: empathy, congrugence (therapist's openness and genuineness), and unconditional positive regard.

The therapist puts as much attachment to the client encouraging them to spill any issues that might be nagging them. However, the therapist does not disclose their private problems or personal issues (Encyclopedia, 2011).  Cognitive behavior therapy has been known to help with many kinds of problems including: depression, anxiety, phobias, bulimia, obsessive compulsive behavior, and not least psychosis (Blenkiron, 2010).


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