Free Behavior Therapy & Cognitive Behavior Therapy Essay Sample

There are different ways in which mental disorders are treated among patients. Some of them include behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapies. Each of these therapies has its own significance on the patient. They also have certain common features and differences. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a short term psychotherapy treatment that aims at achieving a particular goal. It involves an active practical problem-solving method. The therapy's aim is to alter the way patients think and or behave due to some difficulties; hence changing their feelings. Cognitive is highly instrumental in treating some psychological disorders including dementia, bipolar disorder and bulimia nervosa.

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According to Hofmann et al, 2010, cognitive behavioral therapy is an important treatment of bipolar disorder. These authors argue that the therapy, according to various studies, is highly effective in psychotherapy. Following its earlier success, the therapy has been employed in many other cases. It involves certain principles including psychological awareness of the disorder, cognitive reorganization, management of actions and lifestyle, and active observation of the mood, with the intervention plans (Hofmann, 2010).

Another importance of cognitive behavioral therapy is that it is vital in treatment of many problems, for example, substance and alcohol abuse. The method aids the drug addicts overcome the influence of drugs by changing their behavior. It restructures an individual's cognition towards acceptable conduct. Moreover, this therapy is significant in healing anxious or depressed patients. It also changes people's attitudes towards certain issues, and their conduct while emphasizing on their beliefs, thoughts, beliefs and images in their minds. It also focuses on the behavior of the individuals (Walker, 2010).

Additionally, cognitive behavior therapy is advantageous in that it takes the shortest time possible. It only takes 4-7 months to heal certain emotional problems, with the patients attending a session on a weekly basis. Every session takes about 50 minutes, during which the patient and the therapist are jointly working to establish the problems and their solutions. Furthermore, this process gives them certain strategies to put in place when necessary in their lifetime. Moreover, this therapy involves two concepts; behavioral therapy and psychotherapy (Taylor, 2005). Psychotherapy is crucial in focusing on the personal sense individuals holds on certain things, and the way in which started since young age. On the other hand, behavioral therapy involves the connection between the patients' problems, thoughts and behaviors.

On the contrary, behavioral therapy is different from cognitive behavioral therapy in a number of ways. One of them is that behavioral therapy deals with the behavioral changes of an individual. Conversely, cognitive behavioral therapy aims at changing a patient's thoughts. Additionally, behavioral therapy is based on learning theories, with an aim of changing the undesirable behaviors, and reinforcing the desirable behaviors, while cognitive behavioral therapy is systematic, and aims at solving problems related to emotional imbalance, cognition and behaviors. Besides, cognitive behavioral therapy is a combination of the behavior and cognitive process, while behavioral therapy only handles behavior changes only (Taylor, 2005).

On the other hand, these therapies have certain things in common. First, they are both used to treat patients with psychological disorders. Secondly, both cognitive behavioral and behavioral therapies have a goal-oriented. They both aim at achieving a certain goal at the end of the process. For example, behavioral therapy intends to reinforce acceptable behavior and get rid of a negative behavior in a patient.

In conclusion, psychological conditions can be healed if certain methods are employed appropriately. Without doubt, cognitive behavioral therapy is crucial in treating these conditions. Therefore, it is necessary in that it changes the patients' thoughts, attitudes, images and beliefs in an individual. It also takes the short time for one to realize the effectiveness on a patient.


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