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Mental wellbeing is an essential element in boosting one's quality of life. It enhances a mental healthy attitude towards ourselves and others around us. Research has indicated that physical activities have direct influence to our state of mind and how we handle psychological challenges. This paper will discuss the psychological benefits of physical activity. 

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Benefits of physical activity

Physical exercises equip many when it comes in dealing with stress. It reduces the impact of anxiety making it most appropriate to other means of dealing with the setbacks. These familiar alternatives include consuming alcohol or using nicotine through smoking. It is widely believed that physical exercising mitigates stressful situations to a controllable level .Similarly, depression which occurs in various severities-from mild disorder to being clinically diagnosed illness, is managed through exercising. Studies have shown that exercise could be cheap alternative to expensive psychotherapy, and no medication being required .Those maintaining physical activities programs guarantee themselves a depression free tomorrow (Neeser, Karl J. Pg.2-5).

Mental alertness is brought about by regular exercising a condition normally referred as cognitive capability.This state enables us to respond quickly to unexpected events in a timely and positive manner. It leads to reduction of injuries from accidents hence retaining our independence. Recent research has shown that presence of endorphins in the blood along with serotonin is associated with improved psychological state of mind. In the same manner self-esteem is boosted. Experts believe that self-analysis is paramount when determining an individual's state of mental health.

They conclusively admit that people view themselves positively on emphasis to their physical awareness and fitness. A positive attitude results to bettering their self-esteem that is directly linked with mental wellbeing. Improvements in one's physical state promote self-worthiness contributing to self-esteem. With this feeling of union and afflicting with others, self-esteem is cultivated (Neeser, Karl J. Pg. 2-5).


These psychological benefits may appear to be light, but there are far vital to human beings. If you are feeling bored, stressed and worried, get out there and perform an exercise. Remember to do your best exercise and do it in your own way (Psychological Benefits of Exercise).


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