Free Body Needs and Influences Essay Sample

Physiological needs are wants generally based on bodily drives, among them the requirement for "food, water, homeostasis, optimal body heat, sleep and sex", their satisfaction is very important for survival of individuals (Kreitner, 2006). Not anything else becomes essential ahead of gratifying the physical wants (Kreitner, 2006). Psychological needs are requirements which people's contentment and health rely upon (Gines et al 2003). A number of psychological wants are inborn while; others appear to be exclusively cultured. Even though the desires are as influential as physiological wants, they are understated and cannot be identified with ease. They incorporate the want for appreciation, love, association, success, influence, status among others. (Gines et al 2003).

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Arousal, behavior, and performance

Arousal means the height of activation of the "central nervous system" and varies from exceedingly low levels when people are asleep to tremendously high levels throughout extreme bodily or psychological activities (Schmidt & Wrisberg, 2008). It also is defined as an enlarged outcome of the ecological stressors. involuntary changes occur owing to the stressors, they include "increased heart rate, blood pressure, urine secretion, constriction of blood vessels, muscular tension, palm sweating" among others (Rajamanickam, 2007).  Arousal could have diverse impacts on the behaviour of organisms depending on the intensity of excitement in any ecological condition (Rajamanickam, 2007).  For example, a loud sound has an influence on the intensity of arousal which consequently affects behaviour of different organisms. It is remarkable to mention that, arousal and behaviour also influence performance of organisms. It is projected that, each performance has a best possible intensity of excitement, where if it increases higher then performance begins to go down all over again. This is called the "overturned U - shaped relation" when draw on graph. (Rajamanickam, 2007).

Stress, body, brain, and behavior

Stress comprises a pattern of distress as well as eutress. In distress, arousal is either too high or too low, manifesting itself as depressing feelings, ailment, and some unnatural behaviors. Eustress comprises a moderate arousal. Stimuli can be stressors when not restrained properly (Cooper & Dewe, 2004). An event may induce short-term reaction resulting in severe stress. Longer reactions culminate to traumatic ones. Nervous system arousal and liberation of stress hormones are stress derived. Body hinders stress by localizing it and normalizing hormone ranges. Headaches, hypertension, and immune disorders can result from unmanaged stress thus compromising life quality. To handle stress, approach life demands as they knock.


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