Free Building Self Confidence Essay Sample

Self-confidence is a virtue that is always easy to come by. In most cases, we are much harder on ourselves than we do to others (Robert, 2005). We tend to blame ourselves for seemingly petty mistakes. We always see others better, smarter or prettier than ourselves. In the same manner, others believe that we are wonderful, while we cannot see it ourselves. There are various ways to increase our self-confidence. Some of the practical, effective and important tools include a score of few victories, use of positive self-talk, use of positive visual imagery, dressing and acting professionally, showing intense in your work and overcoming shyness among others.

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Low self-esteem and shyness can lower our self-confidence thereby negatively affecting virtually every aspect of our life such as health, job and relationships (Christopher, 2006). There is need to identify the situations and conditions that trouble us. After identifying troubling situations or conditions, it is important to pay attention to our thoughts about them. There is the need to develop positive interaction with others. Dressing and acting professionally is another way to boost our self-confidence. Self-confidence is improved if we feel proud about our clothing and mannerisms. We should therefore dress appropriately and carry out our integrity to boost our self confidence. It is also important to relate ourselves with positive talks about of ourselves rather than negative statement. For instance, “I know I can do it”. Similarly, we should use positive visual imagery about ourselves, especially while performing challenging tasks. This will aid to developing self-confidence.

Taking pride in our work is another factor that assists in developing self-confidence. Self-confidence can be projected by giving a complement to every task that we complete successfully. Performing little victories is another important factor that builds our self-confidence. We reinforce our confidence form the success that we achieve in life. We move from little success to bigger success thus increasing self-confidence.


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