Free Class Room Management Philosophy Essay Sample

The morning meeting books outline the necessary guidance that a teacher can give to students to ensure there is proper learning. Learning should be conducted in a warm and friendly environment where students and the teacher can freely interact and make the best out of the lesson. In the book the morning meeting, Roxann Kriete brings out the purpose of the morning meeting these functions are in comparison with the philosophy given.

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The morning meeting serves the following purposes: “sets the tone for respectful learning and establishes a tone of trust”. “Merge Social, emotional and intellectual learning” “enable extraordinary moments within the respective interactions; extend the tone and the climate beyond the meeting” (Roxann, 1999)

It is evident in the first line of philosophy that the tactics applied are in line with the morning meeting “As an educator, providing a secure, relaxed classroom setting and maximizing prospects for student learning are the most significant factors in controlling student activities”. The philosophy does its best to fulfill these purposes. The class becomes more exciting, visually confronting and appeasing by the illustrations and charts on the walls. These provide students with a friendly environment and attractive one to learn. They see images that can relate with, and this takes the learning experience to more than just class work. The illustrations also make them at ease.

Knowing the students by their names and giving all of them equal priority without bias (as illustrated in the philosophy) makes these students feel a sense of belonging and significance. Merging the strict disciplinarian plan with the interaction of students enable their peers, and counselors to get emotional, social and intellectual learning in line with the morning meeting book.

“Language is one of the most powerful tools available to teachers. It permeates every aspect of teaching and learning”. This is the first sentiments in the book “power of our words by Paula Denton. Furthermore, language is more than just an expression, of thoughts, feelings and experiences it moulds our sense of their identity. As such a teacher should choose and use their language well. For instance, the 1, 2, 3 counting method is a good way to instill discipline in students using language rather than using physical means.

Paula goes ahead and says “learning is about working together to achieve mutually desirable and pleasurable goals” (Denton 2007). The philosophy is about providing a secure, relaxed classroom setting and maximizing prospects for student learning. “Skillful teacher language is language that supports students in three broad ways: developing self-control, building their sense of community, and gaining academic skills and knowledge”. These illustrations indicate that philosophy is in line with the principles in the two books: The Morning Meeting Book and The Power of their Words.


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