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Ochsner, K. and Lieberman, M. in their article 'The emergence of cognitive neuroscience' bring out the vivid relationship between the three common levels of analysis of interactions: the cognitive level which deals with the processing of information, the social level, which is concerned with the social and motivational factors which enable people to relate well in the environment and the neutral level, which is concerned with the development of the brain and cognition. The article begins by giving an overview of the cognitive neuroscience in general, it then reviews current research questions on the subject where the previous methods, hypothesis, design and procedures have been discussed in detail. Before giving a concrete conclusion, the author has discussed the future implications of the subject under discussion.

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The article is dated September, 2001 although it still gives the most common facts which exist between the three levels of interactions in human beings. The purpose of the research which the authors have discussed in detail in their current research is to be able to establish as to whether there is really a relationship between the cognitive development and the social and neutral factors in an individual. The article further seeks to establish the extend of this relationship. The method which was utilized in the research was the longitudinal study, where the previous data was used to infer into the current developments. The main discussion and findings is the establishment of the validity of cognitive neuroscience research.       

The findings of the two authors have a strong basis which can be of great impact to parents and teachers as well as the students themselves. The findings indicated that there are a lot of areas of cognitive neuroscience which can be explored so as to understand behavior very well. The authors of the article conclude by saying that children who are developing need to be given enough exercises so that they can be able to develop in their cognitive areas of neuroscience.


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