Free Cooperation and People Essay Sample


Cooperation refers to an act of working together with other people for a common interest or purpose. It involves the willingness of people to engage in an activity that may or may not go in line with the wishes of people. Cooperation affects people in different ways. This paper looks at how cooperation affects people.

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Almost all things that we use and depend on came into existence because other people cooperated to put their efforts together. Cooperation helps me to do more, as opposed to when I work individually. Almost everything we do in life requires us to cooperate with other people to make them a success. When several people perform certain tasks together, the task becomes easy, to handle. For instance, when we cooperate with teachers and fellow students in school learning becomes easy. Everyone contributes the little he or she knows about a certain topic and in this way the workload and stress reduces (Sullivan &, 2008).

Cooperation enables me to avoid unnecessary commotions. For example, when I cooperate with set rules and regulations, I never get punishments for the wrong that I have done. Therefore, cooperation helps me avoid engaging in wrong things and attracting unnecessary trouble. Cooperation helps us live peacefully with each other because of the mutual relationship we enjoy working together.

However, cooperating can make other people intimidate others. For example, people in leadership positions or those who have power may decide to overwork their subjects just because they value cooperation. It can make people lazy, for they know they can depend on others to complete tasks that they should do.


If used in the right way cooperation can help us complete lots of difficult work, avoid misunderstandings and live peacefully. On the other hand, it can make us lazy and make others manipulate others to ensure that they get things done.


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