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My Sisters Graduation Day

My sister graduated late year at December with Bachelors in Education. It had been my anticipation that one day she will graduate. According to Quin-Harkin, (1992) a graduation Day is meant to mark the tremendous accomplishment, which one has achieved after successfully completing their training. She had been an inspiration to me for her determination in her studies all through. The graduation ceremony was the ultimate celebration of her determination and dedication to her studies, which enabled her to pass with upper second-class honors. This has been a moment that I have been waiting for a long time.

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Her colleagues were there as well in celebration mood as they congratulated each other. There were charting in low tones in remembrance of the good and bad moments that they have gone through together. However, it was notable by all those who had turned up for the occasion my sister was extremely happy and jovial unlike other days.   

As I sat there next to my sister, the moment brought to my mind watching the Cosby show when I was a kid. The joke of my memories is that I was actually sitting there to witness my sister graduate and undergo the tradition of tassel throwing as it was in the show. Since she was getting a degree it was not just a ceremony of standing up and turning of tassels from one side to the other then the pronunciation of 'your are now graduated'(Vitamin 2010). Lost in my thought went the one and half hours of speeches by the faculty guest speakers.

At least came the moment we had all been waiting when my sister name was pronounced through the loudspeakers and she rose to join other grandaunts. Amidst cheers and loud jubilations from the mammoth crowd went down the hooding of the graduates as they were pronounced graduated. As the celebrations and clapping filled, the air my sister waved at me and a tear of joy fell from my eyes as her dream had finally come true. I was much exited and I came to belief that graduations that were depicted in Cosby show really do exist and was not just a myth.

The reception was not far from the college, and with a matter of time, we arrived there. Everything was in order and celebration was to begin immediately. Some music was played after Dad led us with a word of prayers. This was still another amazing episode as he had never been in the church before.  The music from a popular group in the town was hired to set the right mood for the celebration. Everybody danced over the music as photos were taken to remember the important day.

Finally, it came to the most important and the long awaited time. Mouth-watering food was brought as prizes were offered to my sister. It was my aunt time to tell us the secret that she has hidden for very many years. She stood and gave a blue letter to my sister. Everybody was anxious to know what contained in it.  Ah! It was a letter from Cambridge University inviting her for masters in education. The party was revived to live once more.

This day made me forget the hard times that I had succumbed during my exams times. It offered an atmosphere that was away from home. It made me feel that life was not only thinking of what I cannot change. Three are other moments that can make one live positively. Nevertheless, this day worked as a wake up call that I had to put more effort in my education if I have to emulate my sister and to make my parents happier. Otherwise, I lived positively this day and it was very successful.

Qualities of a beautiful day

Having lived in a fictions world where I just imagined that such celebrations were only in movies, and now having attended one, the qualities of a successful day were therefore in place. In fact, from the jubilations that were there in the graduation square, they made my mental altitude towards hard work change as all the speakers and the grandaunts insisted on the same. The meal that was offered in the classy restaurant that we attended was a balanced one and cooked with a lot of professionalism where no junk food appeared not. This made me change greatly towards life.

Change of perception of a beautiful day

There are so any things that I would change in the perception on a beautiful day. From my personal perspective to the character that I took a beautiful day with initially. I realized that a day could be simple, but beautiful. I also realized also that it is very vital to change the environment from the one that has been common to another one as it made my exam tensions that I had to completely disappear.

Action to make a "beautiful day" on a more regular basis

Any action that I can take to ensure that I have beautiful day in most of my life is to ensure that I just take care of the most basic things that happen in my life and try to incorporate them with what I do in daily basis. I should also make sure that I make my environment favorable always for making my day beautiful.

Conception of a "beautiful day" fit in life's goals

A beautiful day will always offer me energy to go a mile far in attaining my future goals.  It will remind me of things that I am capable of accomplishing and offer me an opportunity to reflect more on my objectives when having my beautiful day (Martin, 2010). In fact, if I was to go for a graduation again, I will be more prepared not only to have fun but also to learn from the speech that are offered during the occasion as they are very educative .

Abraham Maslow theory

According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, he said that the term peak experience denote sudden feelings of intense well being that fill us with wonder and awe. Psychologically health people tend to have more of them and such feelings can only bring experiences and feeling of interconnectedness and create sharper sense of life purpose (Webber, 2010). It is that quality of such experiences that made my experiences memorable.


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