Free Ethics and Integrity in Psychology Essay Sample

The word Ethics implies to the science of principles or morals of behavior. It also refers to a system of moral principles. Ethics also refers to the way, perspective, or procedure that can be used to decide how individuals act when analyzing complex issues and problems.   The Ethics Awareness Inventory refers to a program which can evaluate an individual's ethical style.  Many individuals view Ethics from different perspectives and therefore, many of them are influenced by obligation, character, equity or results. On the other side psychology refers to a scientific field that deals with mental and emotional problems and their solutions in the community or society as a general (Williams, 2002, p. 40).

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Ethics is a very crucial area when studying psychology because ethical values concerning what is right and what is wrong directly relate to a person's moral standing in the community and society as general. People's personal ethical standards are closely associated with their morality standards. However, morality is often more individualistic and therefore, the level of moral standards could differ between societies, religions and cultures. Ethical standards, on the other side are more general because they depend on people's human values and nature. When studying psychology of ethics, it is always important to differentiate between morality and ethics while psychology of ethics deals more with values of being human while moral psychology deals with questions of morality. In all circumstances, all branches of ethics will normally consider the psychological levels of ethical development with evolutionary, social and psychoanalytic theories (Fisher, 2007, P.115).

Personal ethics in Psychology, principles and Code of Conduct will make individuals to be aware that ethics and laws are not the same since some actions may be legal but unethical or some actions may be illegal but ethical.  The use of personal ethical principles and concepts can be used to evaluate, criticize, propose and even interpret laws. Many different professions, institution and disciplines have norms for behavior which suit their specific goals and aims. These norms therefore, help the members of the profession to be able to coordinate their activities and create the trust of the public in the discipline (James, 2010, p.85).

Ethics play a crucial role in the application of professional code of conduct whereby each professional is supposed to act according to the professional ethics of the job he or she is engaged in. there exists different work ethics for different professionals and therefore individuals are supposed to abide by the professional ethics or the code of conduct relating to their profession. Ethics will help me in the application of psychological principles to spiritual issues since I will be able to abide by the Ten Commandments in the Bible which define the way I am supposed to relate with God and my fellow human kind. Ethics will enable me to know the norm of conduct which shall guide me when social interacting by other people and therefore I will be position to differentiate between unacceptable and acceptable behavior when mingling with other people (Pope, 2010, p. 153).

Ethics will affect psychological knowledge and principles which are related to growth, health and development by lessening the harm that is likely to occur. Ethics normally affect or influence the way in which people use knowledge. Integrity and personal character highly affect how ethics are applies and therefore as a result of this, they highly contribute to development and growth. The idea of ethics affecting psychological knowledge and principals is vital to the growth of professionals and students who are the psychology field. A career in the field of psychology can be categorized into the beginning of training, the middle of training and the end of a professional career.

The advantages of studying psychology as a subject are wide and varied. By studying a degree in Psychology, I will be in a good position to know the reasons and remedies for the human nature's behavioral problems.  Besides this, studying a degree in psychology will upon completion of the course, give me a chance to work in many organizations like hospitals, social organizations, and educational institutions e.t.c. as a professional psychologist. By studying for a degree in psychology, I will be able to design and conduct various scientific research studies and I will be in position to understand the real world application that happen in everyday life like health, stress, mental illness, social interaction, artificial intelligence and other things. In general, psychology is exciting, challenging and useful.    

Ethics have played a big role in my decision to pursue a degree in Psychology because it has enabled me to know that there exist different perspectives among different people. Unlike before when I could not comprehend the reason why certain individuals made certain decisions, knowing ethics has made me to understand people's psychology and how it affects the way they make decisions. Ethics has also enabled me to know that as much as I may not agree with other people's decisions, the ethical knowledge will help me to become more tolerant towards the views of other people. Given the fact that I understand some theory behind some ethical decisions, it will be much easier for me to see other people's point of few instead of only focusing at the issue based on a character based perspective.


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