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Wit is an intellectual humor which includes quip and repartee. The plays of William Shakespeare were classified into three groups includes this form of humor. They have an aspect of wit which occurs in most of the plays. A comedy includes those which have a happy ending with the characters who have not accomplished their goals accomplishing at the end of the play. For example, those unmarried characters get married at the end of the play. The comedies also include a cleavers servant, tension between actors, separations and reconciliations and use of styles among others. In the Shakespeare stories there many characters that plays and creates wit. Shakespeare wrote seventeen comedies before death. Wit occurs in the plays been portrayed by different characters.

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Thesis statement: There is an evolution of wit in Shakespeareans plays.

The characters in Shakespeare plays portray wit in the action. Characters portray humor in their talking while other portray with their actions.

Richard II, Henry IV (part one and two), Henry V and Richard III

Henry IV is an historical play by William Shakespeare believed to have been composed in 1597. The play involves the reign of King Richard II, Henry IV (two parts) Henry V, and Richard III. The play begins with a battle against Hotspurs at Homildon. It has been a famous and popular play done in public and business premises. The play has made individuals to understand traditional values since is set in a traditional community set up. The source for this play is the chronicle histories. The play is adopted in most televisions, radio, films for show. Same artist have composed songs about the play and poems have been composed and cooperated wit from the play (Martin, 34).

The characters from the play includes King Henry the forth, the king of England who provides directives and rules for the whole region. Prince Harry the eldest son of the king. Sir John Falstaff of Lancaster who plays small roles in the kingdom, Earl of Westmorland and Northumberland, Kate, Hotspur, Edmund Mortimer, Peto, Mistress Quickly, Vintner, Gadshill, Piston and Poins. Others include carrier’s travelers, sheriff, lords, and messengers. The characters that performed the first play made it a success, and many people liked it and incorporated the lessons learned from the plays in their life (Charles, 40).
The friends of Falstaff and Prince Henry include Poins, Peto and Bardolph. They are crooks and highway Men. Falstaff gained fame and money after the battle. Pistol, a belligerent and aggressive army working under Falstaff works more close to the king. Those characters portray wit since they first acted as crooks and still they were best friends of the prince. Falstaff acquired wealth and fame after the battle and he did not fight the battle alone. Pistol despite of working close and under Falstaff did not have wealth has Falstaff. Humor gets evidenced when Falstaff talks to Pistol; they had a humorous argument (Fred, 45).

Comedy Of Error

This comedy has a great part of humor and is among the oldest plays written by Shakespeare. The humor evidenced from this play comes from slapstick, puns, word play and mistaken identity. The play has few details and comedies not like other comedies written by Shakespeare. The adoption of the play comes from the opera, musical theater and screen. The story talks about two twins separated from childhood, and they grew a part. The twins led to mistaken identity and caused a lot of trouble in the families (Stephen, 90).

The comedy of error has many characters that make up the story. In the story Antipholus and Dromia arrives at Ephesus which in turn becomes the home for his brother. When the Syracuse’s gets to the families of the friend of their twins a lot of misunderstanding occurs. The misunderstanding arose as a result of mistaken identity. The misunderstanding brought about a lot of conflict which results to beating. The rest of Ephesus accuses each other of theft and madness. Each party result in accusing the other and counting them responsible for all misfortunes caused (Fred, 88).

The characters in the play have developed humor. The characters include Solin, who acted as the Duke of Ephesus, Egeon acting as the merchant of Syracuse, Emilia the lost wife and the lady of Abbess, Luce the maid of Adrina, many people sometimes mistaken her with Emilia. Others were Baltheazar, Angelo, Courtesan, First up third merchant. All those characters created humor and other themes in the play like conflict and love. The families stay together and worked together in their daily activities and practiced charity. The play shows that the actors loved each other and all the characters had a tied relationship with each other. They influenced the activities of each other in one way or the other (Cecilia, 170).

The play for many years has made scholars to find littler depth in focus of thematic depth. Shakespeare avoided the serious themes in histories and tragedies. In the eighteenth century the play got judgment from other scholars who include Aristotle and the valuation showed that, the play did not qualify to get an approval since it did not comply with artificial standard. Recent scholars have criticized the view of social relationship. Things which have been noted in the play are things like parental life, husband to wife relationship and family life style among others. The analysis of this play by recent scholars has proved the play and this goes contrary to earliest scholars (Fred, 27).

The performance of this play is recorded by different companies who focuses it and did a record because they gained interest of the play. The first recording was done in Gesta Grayorrumin the year 1594 and the second play was done ten years later and still the records of the play are kept. The longest speech in the play talks about how the two twins got separated in their childhood and stayed for a long time without meeting each other. Other characters remained absent until the end of the play were the final scene occurred and the resolution of the conflict (William, 34).

People have evaluated this play for many years and after evaluation the play gets improvement. In 1734, there was an adoption stages by an actor called Druly Lane at Covent Garden which got a name of “see if you look like it”. In 1980, flying Karamazov brothers performed at Lincoln centre and the show got broadcasted at the television. The play in 2011 will entertain the audience while cerebration the twenty first anniversary of the Stafford Shakespeare festival. The play has been adopted in many views and events. In the music industry it has been adopted three times has singers sing the songs in the play. The television programs have been created which form part of the play and the channel broadcasted makes the viewer feel as if they watch the real action. Films of the play have been adopted and created which assist in the market of the film industry (Stephen, 200).

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Love’s labors lost

The story on love’s labors lost got written by Shakespeare in the year 1590s and published in 1598. The story is among the oldest stories written by Shakespeare. The play got the title after production and has time advanced the titles got modification by scholars. After the modification the play got the name love’s labors lost which got evaluation through accessing things like spelling and audience perception. The play was written in the year 1595 or 1596 as the modern scholars have that believe. It got published in quarto in 1598 by the book sellers (Deacon, 34).

There many characters in the play who make the play complete and interesting to the audience. There minor and major actors in the play just as any other play. Some of the actor’s in the play plays important role with a lot of interest and they make the audience to draw much attention to the play. the characters include Ferdinand who acted as the king of Navarre, the princess of France, Berowne, Longaville and Dumaine who was the lords taking care of the prince. Sir Nathaniel who acted as a curate, Holofernes acted as schoolmaster, Dull, Costard and Moth. Other characters included Rosaline, Maria, Katherine, Don, Forester and officers and servants who attended to the king’s service and prepared the working schedule in the palace (Martin, 200).

The play has been set in a certain kingdom in which the king rules and gives out directives governing all people in the territory. The king and other three take an oath that they should remain away from women for a period of three years. Beromns told the king that he should not take the oath since the princes will come to the palace and the king will have taken the oath. He told the king the oath will make him commit suicide. The king denied the words of Berowne. When the princes and other women come to the palace the king and other men felt in love with them instantly and could not control his tougher but to say foolish words and from the kings told and the other man wit is evidenced (Stephen, 200).

The story has many humorous incidences when all parties make humor. All the characters create humor and work daily for their survival. The play ends with bitterness because the king dies and the prince has to take over the rule. The woman who felt in love with the other men promises to stay in love to them but requests the men to wait for one year until when they prove that, what they had taken can not affect them. After the death of king the kingdom takes other role and the prince who takes over did not know anything about the oath taken. The play also ends in suspense since the clarification of what happened about the other did not get analyzed. The love they have for each made then to start basing their arguments with a lot of humor. Wit is evidenced from Costard making funny comment through out the play. Dull uses malaprops and wit is evidenced from this occasion (William, 88).

Many adoptions have been made concerning this play. People have compassed poems about the plays and this has made the play to grow more famous. For example, Thomas Man in the novel Doctors Faustus has included a part of the play which focuses on some of the characters participating in the play. He connects the play with his novel and compares the actors in the novel and the play. The composer of films have included the play in there editorials. The play have improved and promoted the film production industry since many individuals likes the play done out by Shakespeare. Many musicians have written songs from this play while focusing in some themes from the play. For example, Gerald Finzi wrote music which involves all the incidents taking place in the play. The individuals who have made adoption liked the play mostly because of wit (Needy, 45).

Medias like television channels the programs which involvers this play. They have been getting a lot of viewers from the time they started broadcasting this programs because many viewers like the movies and actions of Shakespeare. Firstly, the play begun shows in the BBC television Shakespeare. From that time hence forth the play has a sequence of episodes been channeled to many televisions. Other channels which resample this story are shown in the television. The radio programs broadcasts the event in which took place in the play and brings up other programs which are relevant to the play (Fred, 99).

Midsummer Night’s Dream

This play was published between 1590 and 1596. The play portrays the marriage of Duke of Athens and all the events which surrounds or takes place during the marriage. It focuses on four lovers and groups of other individuals who falls in love with each other and intend to get married. This play gets practiced and played by many actors across the world since is the most famous Shakespeare plays. Many individuals play it to entertain their guest during cerebrations. The themes evidenced in the play include love, humor, conflict and other forms of styles (Davis, 67).

The play has many characters than any other play by Shakespeare. All the actors assist in the development and accomplishing of the play. the characters include the Athenians, the swag doctor, the Duke of Athens, Fairies who acts as the queen, Oberon, a supernatural character who acts as the king Robin, Quince who acts as a carpenter. Other characters in the play include Helen who acts while in love with Demetrius, Hermia who acts in love with Helena and Hermia. There some characters who falls in love with different people in the play at the same time. This result into misunderstanding between the characters and they end up showing wit (Stephen, 300)

The play focuses about the marriage of three actors namely Duke Theseus, Amazon queen and Hippolyta. The weeding occurs between those individuals in the Fairyland in the favor of moon light. The beginning of the play Hermia refused to marry the person whom her father had chosen. This got in contrary with the customary laws which states that an individual should marry the person whom the parents choose. Hermia went contrary to the customs. The play goes ahead and all he three being engaged they decide to enter in play ground leaving their partners. At the end of the play the assume that the whole thing can not happen and they regard the occasion as a dream, At the conclusion Puck enters and tells people that the whole thing was not reality but a dream which contributes to the name of the play. The play has themes of tradition, conflict and love. Conflict is evidenced when the customs got broken by marrying a person not chosen by the parents (Charles, 130).

In this play there characters who state their statement with humor and they make humor thought out the play. Quince, carpenter attempts to put on marriage celebration of Theseus. Quince is put aside by Bottom while their talk is full of humor. Bottom has confidence in playing Pyramus in a wedding ceremony but he makes silly mistakes talking foolishly. Bottom portrays wit when he makes silly arguments in the play and he fails to play the Pyramus. He does not are how people take him but he talks whatever he thinks is good (Andrew, 200).

Other themes evidenced in this play include problem with time in which the play established in a moon night but it took place in a night when there was no moon. In the theme, loss of identity, Shakespeare prepares individuals to handle the real life situations. Feminism as a theme occurs in the play since male dominance is highly practiced. The male acted more supreme than their female counterparts. They gave out directive and program what the female should do in their lives. The themes compassed from the play shows that the play got set in a local and traditional set up. The individuals were not much civilized at that time (Charles, 70).

The play has contributed in development of many industries. The play has developed the culture for many individuals because the application of the play makes the individual to evidence what happened and the affected the cultural practices brought to the people. In the music industry a lot of artists have composed songs which reflect the play. Felix Mendelssohn had created a song on this play which has made him to become a popular musician. Ralph Williams composed a song which still remains popular among the British songs sung during the festivals. The songs which he compassed got liked by many individuals and they voted him as the best artist. It becomes popular because he stated all wit statement and quotes by characters (Charles, 45).

Television programs created on to show out this play and many individuals liked the program. This play becomes popular in many televisions. They televisions selected a time and scheduled this play in their programs. The radios broadcasted the play in some occasions. Their some films which got edited composing this play or part of the play. The films of the play were liked by many individuals and they bought it and this promoted the market. The poem composers have incorporated some parts of the play in their poem. There other poems which have been compassed like the play exactly. Those who have put the play in practice have included the wit in it and emphasized in issues and statement stated by characters with wit (Ann, 50).

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Much Ado about Nothing

This is a comedy written by William Shakespeare about love and consist an aspect f wit. It consists of two pairs of individuals who love each other and the love drives them to create humor in their talks. They include Claudio and Hero then Benedick and Beatrice. Benedick and her partner talk about marriage and their love life every minute since they intended to get married as soon as they settle all family requirements. Claudia and her partner do not talk about love much because they have fallen in love while young and many people opposes their love life. The couples get confused by the evil spirit and at the end of the play the evil gets arrested and the two couples get married. All the individuals in the play cerebrates the weeding ceremony of the couples (Ann, 97).

The play is set in Messina, an island next to the end of Italy. The story focuses on the culture and traditional practices of the people around that region. All the print out and recorded performance get their trace in 1598 to 1612. This play focuses on stories of lovers which occurred in Italy during the time of writing the play. At this time Italians believed in confusing the individuals they loved to like them and the play focused on the same thing. The play is the most humorous play written by Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote the play in comparison of the Italians life style at that time. The love within the characters makes them to develop aspect of wit (Celina, 66).

The characters of the play includes on Pedro who acted as the prince of Aragon. He helped Claudio and this brought up the character of charity. He made Claudio to stop loving Hero because he believes aspects of unfaithfulness occurred in their life. He went ahead and confused Benedick to fall in love with Beatrice. Antonia acted as an old man, brother to Leonato after the death of Claudio he comes out to fight Hero. Other characters included Ursula, Don John, Balthasar, Friar Francis, Dogberry, Leonato, Hero, Innogen, a ghost and a boy who served Benedick. Wit in the characters gets evidenced when Benedick and Beatrice do not love each other they have humorous talks and beating (Patrick, 200).

The play starts with Don Pedro receiving message from a massager at Messina. At this time the officials, Claudio and Benedick returns from battle. As time goes Claudio fall in love with Hero and tells Benedick that he wanted to court her. This brought about difficulty times because Hero was the only daughter for Leonato. When Claudio get Hero Benedick promises not to get married at any time but Don Pedro tells him that he will get married because when he gets the right woman for his life he will not have any objection than to get married. The wedding between Claudio and Hero did not push through since Claudio got influence from Don Pedro. Claudio left Hero at the wedding day and Hero died then Claudio got blame of the Hero’s death. The weeding between Benedick and Beatrice pushed though well and people cerebrated the wedding (Brooke, 99).

There some themes evidenced in the play which comes as a group set up in which the play was acted. The theme of opposite sex comes across when Beatrice and Benedick becomes the main centre of interest. This shows the combination of opposite sexes make individuals to develop and be recognized by people who could not have recognized the individual while acting alone. The theme of deception got evidenced in many occasions. Done Pedro planed to have Hero and made Claudio to dislike her and played his trick to convince Claudio. He applied deception plans which included going to Hero’s home and call her cross the window. Other themes in the play include infinity, mistaken identity and noting the themes in the play have a sense of humor, and wit created the themes to be evidenced in the play (Fred, 56).

The play has been adopted in much application. The television has programs for the play shown. The BBC edited the play in 2005 and put it to the current development of the world. The edited play focused on the daily life and development of issues taking place in the current life situations. The first film for the play got established in 1913 but could not give out sound. This advancement made and incorporation of this play to television and radio have included wit and evaluated it showing more detail. This has made many views to like the plays (William, 104).

As you like it

This is a pastoral comedy written in 1599 or 1600 and published in 1623.the first performance of the play took place at Wilton House in 1603. The play has some favorite quotes made by Shakespeare and it remains liked by most people. The fame in the play has made it to get adoptions in films, radio and television programs. The play is set in court in which Rosalind flees prosecution from his uncle’s court accompanied by her cousin (Deacon, 137).

The characters in the play include Touchstone, Le Beau, Charles, Celia, William, Sir Oliver Market and Corn. Other characters include Duke Senior, Adam, Dennis, Amiens, Phebe, Silverius, Audrey and Corin. The play revolves around all those characters because they relate. The themes brought about by the play involve love disgrace, love justice, forgiveness and usurpation. The theme of justice comes from the court when the prosecution did not take place. This play has some quotes which a liked by individuals and for this reason the play become the popular to the audience. Musicians have composed their songs using the quotes and other sung about the play. All the characters in the play acted in one heart and made it success during the first performance in 1604 at St. Stephen. The performance got liked by many people and mainly the characters who applied wit in their part made the play to be famous (Stephen, 27).

The play took place in France and mostly in the Forest of Arden. Fredrick expelled his senior brother and Rosalind got permission to stay in court since she was the closes friend of her cousin. Orlando got forced to flee back to her home place but he had fallen in love with Rosaline. He went back because he was persecuted by his old brother. Celia and Rosaline decided to flee with him to his land. They changed their name and they went to Forest of Arden in which they found Orlando had friend who assisted him when in need. At the end Orlando safes Oliver from a lioness and they solves their difference and agrees. In the final scene Olive and Celia, Orlando and Rosaline, Silvius and Phebe and Touchstone and Audrey got married. Wit is evidenced in the play in many occasions Rosalind being clever and in control goes a way while Touchstone make numerous humor arguments which makes individuals to like the play (Anthony, 300).

Measure For Measure 

The play was written by Shakespeare in 1603 or 1604 and classified as humor play, but a lot of scholars disagree with this idea. The first publication was made in 1623 but recorded in 1604. The play focuses in issues like justice, truth, humility and mercy in relationship with immoral behaviour practiced by individuals. The characters in the play include the Duke, Isabella, Claudia, Justice, Lucio, Angelo, Mariana, Mistress Overdone, Juliet, Froth, Elbow, Provost, Pompey, Friar Peter an Abhorson. All those characters acts together in the play and they relate. The play revolves around all characters and the characters create wit in the play which makes individuals to like the play (Martin, 77).

The play took place at St. Stephen night when Duke left the city leaving for diplomatic mission. He left the rule of the city under Judge Angelo. At that time Claudio intended to marry Juliet but due to financial problems they could not make necessary requirement. The rules required that any marriage should be announced before the wedding day but Claudia did not observe this rule. They got married and according to the customs of the city each person committing fornication was to get stoned to death. Claudio made effort to convince the judge because the king had left the city. The characters partying wit in the play are Lucio and Elbow. Elbow is a constable who arrest people and make wit commends through out the play. While arresting people he talks to them humorously. Lucio a friend of Claudio tries to help him and makes humorous talks and actions through out the play (Cecilia, 59).

Twelfth Night

This is a comedy written by Shakespeare in 1601 to 1602. Occur as a cerebration of Christians in the twelfth night. The practice involved includes Christian rituals and disorders. The recording done in 1602 become the first for this play but the play could not get publication until 1623 on inclusion of first folio. The title for play is twelfth night or what you will. The title prepares the audience to feel as if the play and festival have drinks, dances and other cerebration occasions (Ann, 90).

The characters in the play include Viola, Orsino, Olivia, Malvolia, Maria, Sebastian, Valentine, Fabian, Curio, Sir Toby Belch Antonio and a sea captain who acted as friend of Viola. All those characters related to each other and the play revolves around the characters. The familiarity of the play and the flexibility in it made many industries to adopt it. Many actors have practiced this play and they perform it during cerebrations when invited and they make money out of the action. The televisions have edited the play and scheduled time for the show. Many individuals have liked the play and this made the film producers to make a lot of money from the play since they have made numerous films on the play. Musicians have composed their songs on the play. The characters who apply humor in the action are liked by the audience (Stephen, 55).

The play focus on mistaken identity when Viola loss his twin Brother Sebastian and believe that he died. The marriage set to exist between the couples but this do not happen since Viola lies that she is a man. The play ends in a weeding ceremony. At that time Viola revealed that she was a female and Sebastian lost though he is her brother. The weeding proceeds and Duke marries Viola and Toby married Maria. A song in the festival brings the play to the end. From the play there many themes evidenced include mistaken identity, love, and conflict. Wit is evidenced in the part of Feste. The talks and actions make wit to be evidenced from Feste (Andrew, 200).


The plays written by William Shakespeare give individuals a lot of lessons and make people to plan on their life. This occurs because all the plays were done during traditional time and in a village set up. The plays have aspect of humor and individuals acting the play make wit conversation. Wit in the play makes individuals to like the plays by Shakespeare. The characters that show wit in the play are most preferred by viewers of the play. People should not practice wit from the play in their real life since the plays are not reality, and if an individual applies they can cause problem in life.


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