Free Intrapsychic and Personal Factors Essay Sample

The final project will involve qualitative survey of parties in conflict, with special focus on how they express their emotions. This will include issues such as how people react to allegations, accusations, and if they are aware of the impacts of such reactions. Emotion is the most important factor in issues to do with conflict resolutions. Emotion has a historical perspective when it comes to evolution of humans. Basically, fear and anger was essential for human survival as it helped in directing people's reaction to conflict, e.g. through fleeing or fighting predators (Ladd, 2007). However in the contemporary world, emotion is known to cause big impediments in conflict resolution efforts. In fact, emotion has a significant influence on how we deal with conflicts between two factions.

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Although we may choose to be bias in handling conflict, emotions are part and parcel of us; it shows our inner feelings in response to adverse events. In my final project, it would be a major player in the entire process as people to be used as respondents are those who have no knowledge of its impact; hence they are likely to express themselves with little concern of its negativity (Ladd, 2007). When conflict resolution teams brings the warring parties to a negotiation table in order to come up with a conclusive peace, as seen in long standing conflicts in Darfur, Middle East, Kosovo, Congo and many more, the first impediment on the way is emotions in the face to face meetings. 

It's important to note that everybody has emotional needs, and that each individual, interestingly, would want to be treated in a fair manner. In other words, everyone would want to have a sense of belonging and be recognized for what they do. However, take a situation where your interest and sense of belonging is threatened, ostensibly by someone else who wants almost everything his or her way. In such a situation, emotions are likely to run high, and coming to a consensus may be as difficult as conceding grounds. Such cases are common within our society, as we live in conflicts of varied personal or group interests. It's thus important to give emotions a critical role in any conflict resolution initiative.


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