Free John F. Kennedy Biography Essay Sample

John F. Kennedy is one of the most remembered presidents of the United States. The 35th US president became the first president to reach the moon since the era of Theodore Roosevelt; he was the first president that the youth could identify with. His shocking aend came as a result of an assassination.

Biographical Sketch

John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline in 1917 as the second born son among nine children to the multibillionaire father. He was born in a family of massive wealth and a deep history in American politics. He therefore had an upbringing that was characterized by relative comfort and luxury considering the historical time that he was growing up. John F. Kennedy attended the Canterbury parochial school for two years before he joined the Choate school in the period between 1931 and 1935. John F. Kennedy's upbringing was characterized with frequent illness which worked in training him into reading as a time passer.

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In the year 1935 Kennedy enrolled at Princeton University although he would only withdraw a short time later as he succumbed to an illness. After he was once again on his feet, Kennedy enrolled at Harvard University and majored in government and international relations. It was during his time there that he toured various parts of Europe and had a first hand experience of the ongoing of the world war by then. It was as a result of the observations he made that Kennedy used to write his senior paper that ended up being the best selling book referred to as Why England Slept.

Kennedy graduated from Harvard with honors in the year 1940 after which he enrolled at Stanford University for graduate studies. The following year, Kennedy attempted to kick off his career by enrolling in the US army where he was rejected due to physical problems with his back. This only worked to motivate him further as he worked out more and after recovering form the problem he enrolled again a year later and was taken as an intelligence officer. After serving for a while in the military, Kennedy twisted his career to politics as he aimed at joining the Congress in 1946. During the same year, he won against his opponent by a wide margin and went ahead to be a congressman for a stretched period of six years.

In 1961, Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th American president. This added more flavor to his career bearing in mind that h was only 44 years of age. Two years later, his political career came to an end thanks to an assassination that led to Kennedy being recorded as the US president to ever die while that young to date. Kennedy served as a president during the darkest period in American history (both world wars and the Great Depression) but never lost the grace, optimism and sense of cool that was highly appreciated by the Americans.

Cognitive Perspective of Psychology

The cognitive perspective of psychology can be used as a major explanation for most of the activities that revolved the life of Kennedy. The fact that Kennedy is considered as one of the most composed and appreciated president for his ability to help government America during a very dark era can be explained mostly by the fact that he had a highly developed decision making and problem solving ability. He was able to guide the country through the period of Great Depression and helped the country recover from the war. On the other hand, Kennedy's highly successful academic background that was destructed continuously by illnesses is an indication that problem solving ability of Kennedy and his thinking were highly developed. He was able to succeed during his academic life and survived the scare that was posed ahead of him by the repeated illness that affected him.

Meyers Briggs Type

Kennedy can be said to belong in the Extraverted Thinking with Sensing.


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