Free Leadership 3 Essay Sample

In every organization leadership plays a very important role. They give meaning to the reality as they are able to plan for the future and the goals of a group. Leaders perform their tasks in various levels which are geared towards solving various problems in the society. They act as spokesmen of the society when solving key issues. Leaders have to be together with their followers so as to be able to lead in the right manner.

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Influence of followers on upward

Leadership is strongly influenced by the followers. Followers play a major role in helping their leaders to achieve the goals of the organization. They also have an impact on the quality and achievement of the leaders. Hence good leadership is achieved through active participation of the followers in the organization. Followers have the ability to use any opportunity to influence leadership performance. They should be keen on looking into daily events of their leaders so as to back or criticize (Meindl & Shamir, 2007).

How followers can solve problems

Followers have the ability of solving the problems in an organization. They are in most cases familiar with the cause and the course of action to be taken so as to solve an issue. Most of the problems that are faced in an organization have to do with the employees. Issues that deal with leadership, payments and poor working conditions are felt by the followers. If these issues are not addressed in the right manner the organization faces major challenges which may threaten to destroy the organization (Daft, 2007).

Good leaders should be able to engage their followers in dialogue before they settle on the right course of action to be taken on a problem they face. They should acknowledge the fact that followers play a critical role in the organization and their views should be taken into account before making a decision.

Leaders should acknowledge the role that the followers play in an organization. The fact that most problems faced in an organization are known by the followers before they occur should not be ignored. Leaders should create channels of communication between them and their followers so as to perform in their leadership.


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