Free Leadership Qualities and Behavior Essay Sample

Managers shoulder the responsibility of influencing and motivating the employees in maximizing their performance. They have to exhibit the behavior that they want their followers to demonstrate; this is because most if not all employees, emulate their managers. This task is not easy since, they must posses the right skills, principles and concepts to influence others to achieve

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Daniel (2007) introduces us to technique leaders should use in influencing those around them and maximizing productivity. He says that leaders and workers should establish effective relationship, based on mutual respect and same expectations. The attributes of a manager play a key role in an organization in motivating workers and steering them to achieve the organization's goals. Managers should create a way for those under them to give extraordinary results. In a nutshell, we can term process of effective management as a process of social influence.

Seidman (2007) observes that, it is not what a person does, but how he or she does it that makes him or her unique. Every leader who subscribe to this, not only succeeds but also wins admiration from those under them.

A leader has to possess a combination of individual characteristics to influence others. One of the attributes is to lead by example. The manager has to mentor others through, let's say, through taking the lead in problem solving. A manager, who is honest and of high- integrity gains credence from the workers, and in turn, incorporate these virtues. Workers look upon, and emulate the confidence in their managers; this instills a sense of high esteem among them. Moreover, an understanding leader goes beyond knowing an individual employee's characteristics. In this regard, a manager will be able to bring out the best in workers, for example, through positive praise, recognition of effort put in by individual workers among other reinforcements.

In conclusion, the success or achievement of any organization is largely dependent on the role a manager plays, it should be noted that this success, however, starts with the manager.


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