Free Measurement-Oriented Psychology Essay Sample

(1) What important historical developments for psychology were covered in the Chapter(s) you read?

The important psychological developments that were covered in Chapter 8 were those that were related to the issues of intelligence. In line with this, the development of intelligence remains as an important are of focus by researchers and scholars who are mentioned in this chapter. In this respect, those who contributed to this chapters tries to find out how intelligence is acquired and developed in a person's life. On the other hand, there is a comparison of intelligence levels among different people, namely the ancient people and the modern people, blacks and whites, etc (Hunt, 2007, p.240). Different approaches are utilized in measuring intelligence levels among different people. Therefore, this chapter sought to understand the development of intelligence among different people, ages and era. Additionally, the author examines the controversies that are related to intelligence.

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In chapter 9, hunt describes how behaviors are developed among human beings. In this respect, he cites different renowned researchers and scholars who had carried out research on behaviorism. More so, there are important experiments that are carried out to prove that certain conditions play an important part in the development of human behaviors. It was realized that cognitive development played a critical role in behavioral development.

(2) Connect some topic covered in this week's readings to a topic covered in a previous week-how does this week's assignment add to or build on this previously-covered topic?

There is an interrelationship between Chapter 8, 9 and Chapter 7. Important, some of the issues that Chapter 7 tackles are the development of unconscious mental processes (Hunt, 2007, p.204). It is important to understand that the development of behavior and intelligence is based upon the triggering of the unconscious part of a human being. For instance, in Chapter 9 in one of the experiments, a dog would salivate every time it heard a certain noise. This was done unconsciously without its knowledge since the noise was implanted on its intelligence part that controlled its behaviors. This also applies to human beings in their daily activities whereby after having mastered something using intelligence, he or she would get to the point of behaving unconsciously whenever certain issues occur. In this regard, Freud noted that the unconscious played a critical role in human behavior (Hunt, 2007, p.204).

(3) Connect something in this week's assignment to something you know from your knowledge or experience outside this course, e.g. something from your life, film, music, TV, another course you're taking or something else you know about.

There are various observations that I have made regarding the issue of intelligence in the normal life of human being. In Chapter 8, one of the important issues that are focused includes the subject of intelligence while Chapter 9's arguments are inclined towards behaviorism. Notably, there is a relationship between intelligence, behaviors and the environment in which one is brought up. I have observed that the environment influence the development of intelligence and human behaviors. For instance, those people who have been brought up in urban areas seem to be more intelligent as a compared to those who are brought up in remote rural areas. However, this kind of intelligence is not in-born but rather influenced by the environment that one lives in.

In Chapter 7, it was blacks were ranked 2 levels down behind the Whites (Hunt, 2007, p.240). However, it is important to note that this is the case because blacks and whites are raised in totally different environments. These environments are the ones that influence the development of such intelligence.

In Chapter 9, Hunt (2007) observes that based on the premise that all organisms adjust to their environment and that certain stimuli lead them to make the necessary responses (p.291). These phenomenons are observed on a daily basis in the society whereby there is a great divide between people who have been raised in a particular environment and the other. However, this does not imply that one cannot learn. Those people who moved from rural areas to urban areas have improved tremendous in the behavior and intelligence levels.


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