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The civilian sector is prominent for its actions on disseminating information about crisis and hostage negotiation. In numerous occasions where civilians are held as hostages, the civil society pressurizes the government to hasten negotiation with the abductors. Evidently, the government actions regarding the negotiation depend entirely on the status quo of the hostage. For the high profile individuals or middle class victims, tactical and strategic procedures are adopted. The abductors usually perform such criminal offences in order to compel certain parties into fulfilling their demands. Usually, when military individuals are held as hostages, there is less pressure on the government from the public. This fact is promoted by the civilians’ knowledge that the government has its own tactical ways of handling such negotiations. Despite these notions, the government needs to incorporate skilful procedures to handle hostage negotiation. The military psychologists use therapeutic techniques to facilitate the success of negotiations by creating good rapport and compromising with the abductors. Additionally, their skills enable them to conduct effective negotiation with adequate consideration of the parties involved.

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Military psychology, over time, has received contentions for practitioners. Their core duty seems to be controversial since there are the primary roles that they play in the military and the pursuit of their profession with its ethics. Repeatedly, military psychologists use their skills to enhance the social relations in the military. Such knowledge imparted to their colleagues significantly contributes in the enhancement of unity and cooperation in the delivery of services. In addition, their services prompt realistic reasoning and consideration in the handling of various duties as well as hostage negotiations. Furthermore, military psychologists are involved in the interrogation of terrorist to evaluate and determine the hidden or secret behaviours of the terrorist that may have triggered them to engage in such heinous acts. The application of their therapeutic skills enables them to find possible ways to acquired crucial information from the victim(s). This therefore implies that their profession is very essential in all dimensions. 


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