Free Misunderstandings of Students Essay Sample

Many a times students will always have misunderstandings and the resulting effects can either be negative or positive. Students mainly have these misunderstandings due to the difference in perspectives of a given situation. Each student will argue according to what he or she believes and therefore the resulting incompatibility of ideas will result to a misunderstanding.

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There is however a positive side in student misunderstanding each other. This is because it brings forth a platform in which ideas are exchanged and points made clear in what can be said as to see from a different perspective. Misunderstandings are mainly based on one's level of knowledge or how that person looks at a situation or problem. Misunderstanding in students can also occur due to the time allocated by a teacher to fully give an explanation or the desire to elaborate on an issue. Most student misunderstandings result in areas of learning. This could be due to the fact that no effort is made to know what the student has learnt so far or what their idea in thinking is towards a given situation. Students tend to have a one way thinking system as they do not internalize and analyze what they have read so far.

The best way to know that a student is having areas of misunderstanding is effectively conducted through tests also known as continuous assessment tests (C.A.T.). These tests aim at gathering feedbacks from the students as they can only answer questions that they understand. It is through this kind of method among others that you get to see areas that misunderstanding in students arises. Other forms of assessing students misunderstanding can be through concept maps as students who can focus on the matter better have a common visible object to discuss with other students. This is seen as a reflection of student understanding.


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