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This is a dialogue from Plato middle period, it is named after a very famous orator. The orator was a successful person in Athens by teaching young people the arts of oratory. The philosopher earned much respect from the elders due to his abilities in dialogues. The gorgias dialogue involves a range of questions on what oratory entails, whether it is a craft or something else. This discussion will try to find answers to these questions.

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Gorgias is the practicing of a form of craft which take into account oratory as a political image. The gorgias is practicing oratory in the dialogue, 464e. The craft that improves the state of body fitness is oratory where one is able to express his ideas freely. Socrates defines politics as an image of oratory, he go further to describe politics as body as well as soul, 464a. Polus is of the view that good orator are held at low regard in where they originate from and they are viewed as flatters,466b. Good orators have least power of influence over their cities they also put death whoever they want just as the various tyrant do, 466d. According to Socrates that better living is better exercised when on lives by nature rather than by rules, 468b. Callicle's is opinion that
philosophy involves ones ability to deliver his opinions to the intended audience, 468e. The ability of one to be pleasant and admirable is to use reasoning and speech to pass out his ideas to the intended audience diligently.


Gorgias was a true teacher of oratory to young individuals, his views that oratory played a major role in the success of a person are true and justifiable. These views are shared by Socrates who uses metaphor of body and soul. This shows that one can not succeed in politics unless his oratory abilities are good, this is because politics involves selling of ones ideas to his audience. Therefore it can be concluded that oratory is the image of politics. 


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