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Recovery from injury in athletics takes a long period of time and it's a hard process. The person injured, normally is taken care of throughout the rehabilitation by some providers. While the circumstance gets better, the athlete injured restart conditioning curriculum, strength, and activities specifically on sports in order to prepare to go back in play. Until the doctor in offers, complete medical authorization in order to enable them get back the sporting activity, and that the athlete is mentally ready to go back to play, the athlete stays in the hospital as a patient in spite of the person supervising and developing every component of recuperation process. Dedication and understanding of the plan of concern for every athlete in addition to communication to the, health care providers, conditioning and strength experts, athletes, and coaches is important for efficient and safe way of recovering from an injury.      

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The main objective of recovery from an injury for most of the injured athletes is returning in the sport successfully and safely. However, there is little agreement concerning the defining the word successful return to sport from injury recovery. The reason for this investigation was to get a better insight in this subject by investigating high-level athletes' opinions on the returning to play successfully after an injury.


By use of a longitudinal plan, interview was done on twelve athletes elites from Canada and Australia in the totality of forty circumstances within six to eight month time. The study occupied five hundred participants who filled and issued the questionnaires. National festivals of sports competition are meant for elite athletes. The age of the men was twenty four and female's age was twenty three years. The people who participated were grouped according to their ages: the old and the young.


There was the equal distribution of the participants in the game, organized by the athlete trainers who were acting as assistants of the research. The coaches were given instructions in order to assist the participants on how to fill in the questionnaires. The participants were instructed to give back the questionnaires after filling them, and there were no discussions since the analysis needed answers from the individuals   


The observations from the interview were as follows; that, the success was mainly on the return of levels of pre-injury and achieving goals of pre-injury, being on the correct path, coming up with hopes of performing post-injury, and staying uninjured. The questionnaire given to the participants gave different feedbacks. Some were discarded because they were incomplete. The ones that were filled made the analysis. The major effects was on age and sex. The main and interaction effects of sex and age depended on the factors of stress using the procedure variance.


Journal of the sport psychology which is applied, (1, 44-68) found from the investigation highlighted about the importance of theory of self-determination with contracts such as autonomy, relatedness relation to perceptions of the athlete who returned successfully from injury in the sport. These findings give support to the theory of self-determination perspective to guide upcoming research and invent efforts meant to facilitate victorious return after injury. In the (Pod log & Eklund, 2007) there are talks about the viewpoints of the coaches to the successful return to sport after an injury.


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