Free Policing Stress Essay Sample

Stress can be defined as a chemical, bodily or mental process causing physical or emotional tension, this usually occurs in case of an alteration in the balance of fabricated surrounding complex.

Sources and effects

The after shooting experience is very dangerous causing acute stress if not properly managed; Killing a person or having a partner killed on duty can be quite traumatizing to the officer for some time and organizing programs to deal with it can be quite beneficial. Chronic Stress is not usually obvious in police officers but, still evident in two ways that is; regress in psychological heights causing immaturity with irritable and childish actions and anaesthetic sensitivity in people.

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Obscure stress

Stopping traffic; dilemma when approaching a car causes so much mental stress to the officers unsure whether he should arm himself which is unfriendly and making himself vulnerable to the drivers. Police force is both Military and Professional association bringing out a contention, this is because; professionalism requires a high degree of expertise in handling the community while Military follow a set of rules and regulations from their commanders with little consideration  to citizens.

For this reason, frustration occurs when an officer is caught in a situation to either follow procedures strictly and neglect the people’s needs or risk punishment from the authority and restore the denizens trust in him. Most bosses fail to give their juniors the much-needed support and expect them to follow their own judgments but still discipline them if things go wrong.

Suicide is mostly triggered with relationship failure than to all the other factors. About 89% of suicide in the New York in recent years has been due to estrangement or relationship failure. The officers tend to use alcohol before getting to duty to get the nerve causing depression yet they refuse to get professional help opting instead for suicide if things go wrong.


During recruitments, officials should not separate personal and professional problems because work affects personal performance and personal situation has effects on work. Giving help to an officer by providing psychological help and ensuring confidentiality when visiting this organization can be very helpful with police believing that the authority has their best interest at heart. When an individual has marital problems, a transfer program can be introduced temporarily to give moral support.

After a shootout experience, an officer should be given time to heal and deal with the traumatic experience. Other police officers can be brought to the scene to control, protect the scene of crime and notify the superiors of what took place. Insisting that the officers who shot should be the one to relay the message to the supervisors more than once can be hazardous to the officer. Calling traumatic volunteer corps to counsel the officers really helps. Emphasizing that police is the public’s friend can also boost the good relations with the community. Giving officers flexible working time aid to avoid family time disruption can minimize divorce cases. Departments should be understanding towards their officers and allow them to use their judgments without criticizing them when they make mistakes in judgment (Causes of Police Stress).

Criminal profiling

The other one referred to as offenders’ profiling is behavioural and examination instruments that assists investigators to represent unknown offending subjects. The goal of criminal profiling is to give law enforcement; Social and mental appraisal of the criminal, psychological significance of items in offender’s possession and provide ideas and strategies for the questioning process. To be a criminal profiler, one has to work as an FBI agent for three years with advanced degree in forensic or behavioural Science.  Analysis, collecting data and wide knowledge in research methodologies are very essential followed with a high level of concentration and assiduity (Claridge, 2010).

One successful criminal profiling case was in the early 1940s when George Metesky eluded law enforcers for more than 16 years while planting bombs all over the town. Police sought help of psychiatrists leading to his arrest and confession. One flopped case was 1996 when a father murdered his daughter and the investigators could not get any forensic evidence to pin him down.

The advantage of profiling is that the actual criminal is arrested while its disadvantage is that so many people are interviewed before narrowing down to the real offender causing discomfort to the suspects. Criminal profiling is a valuable device in law enforcement, for instance a serial offender is captured before causing more harm to the society. The DNA samples can help tie a culprit to a rape incidence in case of unorganized crime (Tan, 2001).

Jury nullification

This happens when the jurors reaches a not guilty plea despite the fact that the suspect is guilty of the crimes specified. The jurors have the power to nullify a case and once done it cannot be retried in any other court. In 1865, James Hickok was on trial for killing Davis Tutt; with the instructions from the judge the jurors understood that the only option they had according to the law were conviction and the fair tight law to acquit the violator. They chose the latter option acquitting the accused.

Florida Bail Recovery

In Florida only licensed and authorized bail agents are allowed to make all restorations. 648/30(3)  of the Florida law states that “only a certified police officer has authority to apprehend a subject on bond in any place of issue and only qualified, licensed and appointed bail bond agents in their respective state of the written law undertake this exercise”.

Surrendering a person back to the authority can be disturbing, for a person may take time consolidating the available resources to sort out the bond. The bounty hunters tend to have so much power in Florida over their principal and I think this should be tamed (BailFish).


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