Free Psychology: Intelligence Essay Sample

I have been seen as a very happy kind of person who has been able to excel in almost all the sectors. I can remember the times that I was a kid attending the kindergarten, my kindergarten teachers and parents associated me with the Linguistic, Spatial, and Interpersonal intelligence. These are some encouragements that gave encouraged me to the extent of becoming the most favorite child in my classroom; this is because I was able to interact fairly with my fellow classmates and teachers without portraying any quality's of a shy individual.

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As I went to the primary school I had to become the same child that I was while I was a child in the kindergarten but this was not the same Intelligence level that I had while I was a child. But I had to become a different individual with new intelligence skills; I guess this was as a result of my increasing age and biological differences. I developed new intelligence abilities such as Logical Bodily and Existential Intelligence as situation that I developed till the later stages of my primary school.

In my secondary school my Intelligence Quotient levels (IQ) transformed to the Naturalist and Intra-personal intelligence. This is because I was at the puberty stage I was trying to understand what is going on around me and at the same time I was trying to identify what is best and at the same time know myself. It was at this point that I decided to become a musician even though in the past I never had the Musical Intelligence in me. This was as a result of the interaction and interest of my friends; this is what has made it easy for me to change my intellectual capabilities thus follow what my environment is trying to influence me to do in order to fit well in the society I live in.


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