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The idea of recovery is a representation of optimism about the future. Since the conditions that are associated with severe mental sickness are usually life long, it was vital to adopt anew concept or recovery that coexists with illness and its symptoms. Under many conditions, recovery refers to a cure. In life long mental illness it refers to a reformulation of ones life aspirations and eventual adaptation to the disease. In the field of mental health, the recovery concept from physical and disability does not mean that suffering has completely gone, all symptoms removed, and or the functioning completely restored. A person with mental illness may recovery though illness is not cured, (Anthony, 1993).

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Recovery has been described as a deeply personal unique process of altering one's attitudes, values, goals feelings, skills or roles. It is a way of living a hopeful, satisfying and a contributing life even with limitations due to illness. Mental illness recovery entails much more than recovery from illness itself. Individuals having mental illness might have to recover from stigma that they have incorporated into their very beginning from the iatrogenic effects of treatment setting; from lack of recent opportunities for self-determination from the negative side effects of unemployment, arid from crushed dreams. It is always a complex and time consuming process.  A mental health services system that recovery vision guides incorporates the critical services of a community support system, which is organized around rehabilitations model's description of the impacts of severe mental illness-all under umbrella of recovery vision (Anthony, 1993).

Step in recovery process includes denial that paves way for despair and anguish. The next stage is acceptance of the disability and lastly fragile spark of hope. Services that promote recovery include; developing new world view that encompasses ones mental illness as pat of her/his illness, aspirations and dreams. Experiencing love, shopping, talking to friends and playing are other necessities.

My persona thought is that recovery is the urge, wrestle and resurrection. Recovery tends to a matter of rising on loped limbs to a new life. As a profession I like manufacturing the spirit of recovery give it to each of my program participants, however, this is impossible. I can't force recovery to happen in my rehabilitation program. Significant aspects of recovery process include a matter of grace hence can't be willed. However, I can create environments that can nature the recovery process like a tender and precious seedling, (Deegan, 1998)

At a young age I had a catastrophic shattering of my world, dreams and hopes. I was diagnosed as being schizophrenic. Earlier on, I had I knew myself as a young individual with exiting future and everything collapsed around me. As a teenager I was told that I had incurable malady and that I would be sick for the rest of my life.  I was told if I continue with recommended therapies and treatment I could cope from day to day. I didn't believe my social worker and doctor. I felt it was all a mistake and bad dream, temporarily setback in my life. I felt that few weeks to come I will be okay. My denial was an important stage in recovery. Many weeks passed but no sign of getting better. It became very difficult to believe I will ever be the same again. What at first looked a dream transformed into a nightmare that I could not a wake. I remained in hospital while my friends moved to other classes.

I experienced time as betrayal as it didn't heal me. My denial gave way to despair and anguish so giving up was a solution. I couldn't remember a specific time when small and fragile flame of hope eliminated my darkness. For 15 years I sat smoked till I felt back to a sleep. But lastly I recovered.


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