Free Relevance of Studying Psychology Essay Sample

Psychology is the study of human behavior and cognitive processes (Abra, 1998). As a discipline, psychology is relevantly applicable as a career option for those with formal advanced training. Such careers include vocational counseling; forensic psychologies who work in the criminal justice system in crime investigation, clinical careers like clinical psychology involving examination and treatment of mental disorders (DeGalan & Lambert, 2006). 

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Psychology also has career outlets in the field of industrial and organizational set ups. Here, industrial or organizational psychologists work to improve employee productivity and assist in the recruitment of prospective productive employees (DeGalan & Lambert, 2006).  Professionals in this discipline also work as lecturers in Universities.

Psychology is equally a science as other sciences. The methods and principles applied in psychology offer justification of this discipline to be classified as a science. A psychological study is founded on the principle of empiricism which is a core component of any scientific discipline (Abra, 1998). Studies and experiments are based on empirical observations. Besides, the science aims at generating knowledge through tested theories and principles. The fact that psychological studies are procedural, replicable and valid justifies the scientific nature of the discipline. Abra (1998) cited that the theories and knowledge generated from psychological studies help to explain and predict phenomena especially human behavior. This in essence is the function of any science. For example, the principles of learning developed through scientific studies based on behaviorism have been practically applied in organizations and in behavior modification.

The scientific techniques applied in psychological studies and practice confirms that this discipline is scientific in nature. Psychologists systematically conduct research with clearly identified dependent and independent variables ( Abra, 1998). Such studies are based on hypothesis and scientifically developed theoretical frameworks. This makes the discipline scientific in method, practice and application.

In conclusion, psychology is a scientific discipline that studies human behavior and cognitive processes. The discipline is founded on scientific principles in its methods and practice. As a science, psychology offers broad career options for its specialists and practitioners like any other natural science. 


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