Free Rudeness in Modern Society Essay Sample

The term rudeness can be defined as conditions under which an individual imposes his/her wishes as well as needs on another person without any form of consideration. Currently, it has become a sign of different societies that everyone is in a hurry and has no time to waste. The out come has been an epidemic of rudeness in such societies. According to the recent article by Robert in Cenek Report, he wrote that 'Rude work places are all the rage'. This indicates that the author is not optimistic for any reasonable change in the coming times. This has been a malaise that is far much symptomatic of similar trends in different societies. There are those individuals who experience an average of about ten to fifteen acts of random rudeness with other members of their great society on a daily basis. This means that, parents are bringing up a generation of individuals which will be working without simple courteous words and sentences like 'Thank You' and 'Excuse Me'.

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This kind of behavior will a part from translating work settings, it will also our social functioning in retail. Does any one out there remember olden days when the customer was always right?, and that the responsibility of the retailer was to always place the customer in the first position, and always provided the best services for him/her. According to me, these were the best olden days. This is based on the fact that, corporate America in the current times functions on the bottom line or corporate profits. In fact, am sure some of you are familiar with on of the most common corporate philosophy that states "It doesn't matter how we treat our employee, (Dinitia, par 4). This type of mentality has become the epitome of rudeness and, of course, what should a then customer expect a part from rudeness from such like a work environment.

At one time, there is an old fashioned aspect of that some individuals still remembers. Such aspect was 'three's a crowd'.  On the other hand, the current concept is that "let them wait they're getting a good deal and if they don't like it they can go some place else" (Dinitia, par 4).  This kind of mentality further translates to a point where, individuals will be asking for help, they will be pointed upon din a direction. For instance, it is "over there, you can help yourself; I have limited time, so no time to assist you." Porath, & Pearson p.234). Such like behaviors will certainly translate individuals becoming frustrated hence acts rudely. It will mean that consumers along with individuals living on this world just being told to take in as it is, and this is being done in a non-caring and non-cautious manner.

As a matter of fact, individuals should not be in a position of accepting and tolerating rudeness along with disrespect at their workplace. If they continue tolerating, enterprises high costs in lower moral as well as productivity amongst its staff. According to Johnson and Indvik p. 257 although workplace rudeness is termed as not being harassment, conflict or violence if it is not taken care of it can build up to any of those. According to the research done by Christine, a professor of management at the Martial School of Business (USC,) on the effects of rude behaviors fin work places, around 90 percent of about 3000 employee that were surveyed during the research, claimed experiencing incivility at their place of work. Of those 90 percent, 50 percent lost lots of work time worrying about the occasion. The 50 percent contemplated changing jobs to prevent a reoccurrence. On the other hand, 25percent ended up cutting back their efforts on the job. So my fellow people, if rudeness is going to be allowed to flourish any enterprise, those talented individuals having self respect will starting moving out o such enterprise. According to the Porath's results, it is indicated that one in every 8 workers who were at any time treated rudely by either a co-worker, quitted their jobs shortly after. The only employees who usually stay in such a rude environment are those that rage.

Rudeness can in a simple way be transformed other actions labeled as 'Road Rage'. On its side, this is an in-born rudeness for those operating motor vehicle. On top of this, due to much pressure in the current society, individuals tend to be much busy, in a rush ad have no time. It has been perfectly accepted for motor bike riders to cut off another motorist, or to even speed or deny others there rights, for instance the right of ways because of time requirement (Also p.45). Lots of motor vehicles' Rules and regulations are being broken consistently on a daily basis as a result of rudeness. Certainly this is going to be far much necessary if the life quality we are living is going to improve. One way of getting out of this mess is just that, every individual should take responsibility in ensuring that the society is going back to our olden day's life, (Reed, par 2).


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