Free Understanding Schizophrenia: Causes and Treatment Essay Sample

The article What is Schizophrenia? Basic Information About Schizophrenia by Catherine Harrison appearing on site, shades a lot light on what schizophrenia is. According to Harrison, (2007) schizophrenia is a human disorder, which affects the brain. It affects the normal coordination and transfer of impulses (sight, sound,) by neurons in the brain. This results to misinterpretation of impulses by the brain. It is because of the imbalance of neurotransmitters (chemical substances found between neurons) which transmit impulses between two neurons at a point called synapse. This imbalance is known as Dopamine, Which acts as the early stages of schizophrenia, (Harrison, 2007).

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Symptoms of Schizophrenia, as Harrison, (2007) avers, vary overtime, occurring at different ages of men and women. Men start showing their first symptoms of the disorder during adolescence and early years in 20s. Women on the other hand show schizophrenia symptoms in later stages between their 20th and 30th years. The disorder, in approximation, affects only 1% of the world's population. Symptoms of Schizophrenia often appear as psychological problems. The victim experiences hallucination, hearing of internal voices and delusions danger to them by other people among other. However, these symptoms vary with time and stages of the disorder, (Harrison, 2007).

Victims of Schizophrenia show different degrees of illness at different times. Some might show little symptoms, others need frequently visit the hospital while others need to remain hospitalized for regular check up, (Harrison, 2007).. The things they may speak make little or no sense at all due to the impairment of sound receptors in the brain. As they grow older, positive symptoms of Schizophrenia become more noticeable. This exposes them to a high risk of committing suicide. According to Harrison (2007),.the early stage of a suicide case is when the victims start talking about committing suicide almost all the time. It is at this stage that family members are advised to visit the professionals In the world report, approximately 10% of the Schizophrenia victims commit suicide. Some of the symptoms that Schizophrenia victims experience may affect their emotions. This makes them isolate themselves and they stay away from people.

Schizophrenia victims also stand a chance of either neglecting their medication or taking too much of it. The symptoms shown may be extremely odd. The victims may become very violent. In most case, the violence is always directed to the ones close to them. It is hence advisable for close check up of the victims. Doctors should be available and the correct prescription of medication well checked.

Unlike psychotically problems, whose treatment is by only administering therapies to the victims, schizophrenia recommended treatment is by use of antipsychotic medications, (Harrison, 2007). The drugs administered regulate the amounts of dopamine in certain brain regions. This regulation is temporarily and the victim might shoe false signs of getting well. To add onto the medication, regular therapies should be encouraged for victims of Schizophrenia. The disorder has no predefined cure and a victim has to rely on the drugs for the rest of his/her life. The medication help suppress the symptoms of the disease. For the victim to lead a more normal life he/she has to always rely on the medication Schizophrenia is not part of the group of psychological problem owing to the fact that, it is a breakdown of the normal processes in the brain and its rectification is almost impossible, (Harrison, 2007). The world is yet to find the cure for this disorder, with the ongoing researches still not bearing any promising results and hence patients continue relying on only antipsychotic medications.


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